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The Ramzi Theory - predict your baby's gender from just 6 weeks

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Ramzi Theory

Have you ever come across the Ramzi Theory? This gender predicting method has been said to be around 97% accurate when it comes to working out what sex your baby is before your 12 week scan. 

There are plenty of old wives' tales and theories around guessing your unborn baby's gender. A lot of mums-to-be love the Chinese Gender Predictor Tool, which originated from an ancient tomb near Beijing, more than 700 years ago.

Even Holly Willoughby has previously shared her (genius!) gender-guessing theory. 

One method you may have stumbled across is the Ramzi Theory, which revolves around your 2D scan photo between the 6 week to 9 week mark...  

What is the Ramzi Theory?

It's the theory that your baby's sex can be determined, based on the location of the placenta in the first ultrasound during the 6 week scan.

  • Placenta implanted on the left = girl
  • Placenta implanted on the right = boy

However, make sure you read your ultrasound correctly. If you have an abdominal ultrasound, the results are mirrored.

So if your placenta is on the right, that actually means it's on the left (suggesting a girl). If your placenta is on the left, that means it's actually on the right (suggesting a boy).

Ramzi Theory ultrasound (Picture credit: Pinterest)

According to, Dr. Saad Ramzi's method is using placenta /chorionic villi location as a marker for fetal gender detection at 6 weeks gestation and accoring to some studies, was found to be highly reliable. 

Is Ramzi Theory accurate?

It's claimed that using this theory to predict your baby's sex is over 97% accuracy. Woah!

One study by found that this method correctly predicts the fetus gender in 97.2% of males and 97.5% of females early in the first trimester. And it might be helpful to use as a genetic soft marker in relation with fetal pyelectasis.

Despite the bold claims, gender prediction theories are only supposed to be a bit of fun. Don't deck out the nursery just yet!


When is best to use Ramzi Theory?

It's best to determine at your 6-8 week scan. For 12 weeks plus, you're better off trying the nub theory. 

You can request to find out your baby's sex during your mid-pregnancy ultrasound, which is technically done between 16-20 weeks. 

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