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Video! Watch How This Child Reacts To His Mum’s Pregnancy News

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You never know how a child will react to the news that his mum’s having another baby – but this response is pure genius

When Shanee Gibson Hart broke the news to her son Tré that she was expecting a third baby, he wasn’t happy.

But instead of having a tantrum, he very eloquently explained why he was upset, oh-so-cutely saying, ‘This is exasperating!’.

‘You can’t just have another baby,’ he reasons. ‘You just had two!’

While his baby sister sits calmly beside him in the car, he continues, ‘Why do you want to get another baby and just replace one of your babies?’ To which Shanee replies, ‘Baby, we would never replace you and Amiya.’

Watch the full video below…

How did you child take the news that you were having another baby? Let us know in the comments box below.


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