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Win an NCT antenatal course! Plus £150 of Mothercare vouchers!

Section: Pregnancy

Congratulations! Now that you’re expecting you’re on life’s most amazing journey.

Although it’s true that being a mum might not always be easy, our experience tells us you will come through, and that you’ll flourish as a parent.

And you can’t make a better start than getting ready for the birth of your baby, and your new life as a new mum, than with an NCT antenatal course

Our antenatal courses aren't like those you might get at your maternity unit or hospital. With NCT you get the time and attention to explore what's important to you.

Based on 60 years of experience, and the latest research, our courses are led by specially trained and experienced teachers. They understand what matters to new mums… and dads.

You also get meet other new mums in your area – usually due about the same time as you. So there’s a ready-made network playmates for you and the baby!

And don’t worry, we won’t say goodbye at the end of your antenatal course. From friendly Bumps & Baby groups, to get-togethers over coffee, to refreshing outings your local NCT branch will have lots of things to do and people to meet – just when you need them most. 


A place for a mum-to-be and a birth partner on one of our famous NCT Signature antenatal or NCT Essentials antenatal courses, or on our NCT antenatal refresher courses for second time (or more) mum to be – worth up to £375 - plus £150 of Mothercare vouchers.