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6 things to do now you know you’re pregnant (but can’t tell anyone yet)

You’re pregnant! Oh, sorry. * Whispers * Try our roundup of ways for you and your partner to enjoy that early pregnancy hush period...

You may be tempted to shout your pregnancy news from the rooftops. Perhaps send a round-robin email to the entire company. And certainly, tweet #YES! WE DID IT!

But, if you want to keep schtum about your news until the 12-week scan, you and your partner can still have fun with the we-know-something-you-all-don’t-know excitement. And it could be a really good opportunity for some relationship TLC.

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1. Develop a secret code

In-jokes are all part of the fun in Coupledom (we’d feel ill if we weren’t so happy for you), so add more now you’ve got this big secret.
You’re ready to leave that party after half an hour – rub your earlobe. Rub his earlobe! You’re phoning to remind him about your pregnancy appointment – use the code words ‘Ikea trip’. Who doesn’t love flat-packed furniture, after all?
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2. Get romantic

Text each other sweet messages, email him with ‘how you’re feeling’ updates and leave cute Post-Its around the house. There’s no harm in being a bit romantic before your baby arrives. After all, it won’t be long before those Post-Its say ‘Do Not Disturb!’
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3. Enjoy cooking together

Instead of lamenting the fact you can no longer stomach his Friday night spag bowl or can’t get enough of jelly, indulge your cravings or new aversions by playing Masterchef together and creating new dishes.
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4. Watch DVDs and have a duvet day

If there was ever an excuse to bring the duvet into the living room and watch an entire series of Game Of Thrones/Girls/One Born Every Minute, this is it.

You’re tired, may not be feeling great, and just want to rest. Rustle up some homemade popcorn and glue yourselves to the sofa.
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5. Count down the weeks to birth

Ticking off the weeks until your 12-week scan isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re keen to count down, make it fun with an email alert you can both get or using alphabet magnets on the fridge.
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6. Enjoy pregnancy-friendly dates

Late dinners and pub sessions probably aren’t on your wish list right now, so take the opportunity to try something new together and create a different sort of quality couple time. Any excuse to drag him to that mid-afternoon chick flick marathon…

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