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From switching positions to heading south: the man's guide to pregnancy sex

Sex during pregnancy can mean tweaking techniques you and your partner thought you already had down to a fine art.

Don’t worry – we’ve rounded up everything he needs to know.

Rub your feet, embrace those buggy buying trips and accept you replacing everything in the freezer with those Calippos you’re craving – there are plenty of things your man can do to make pregnancy that little bit easier for you.

But perhaps one of the most important roles is to become the understanding yet talented pregnancy sex guru you always hoped he would be (OK, maybe just since you started feeling randy again). 

That’s why we’ve put together some handy pregnancy sex tips and info for him. Time to start dropping some heavy hints.

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1) Understand her new sex drive

Sex drive can fluctuate in pregnancy so don’t be offended if she just wants a cuddle right now. 

"It may dip in the first trimester when she’s tired, nauseous or getting her head around having a baby, and then go up in her second when she’s more settled," says sex and relationship expert Petra Boynton.

She may then want sex in her third trimester, but feel knackered or find certain positions a struggle.

Not everyone fits this pattern though, so gauge how your partner’s feeling and step back/get romantic accordingly.
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2) Giving good oral

If she enjoys you going down on her, then by all means carry on – some women report feeling more intense orgasms in pregnancy, so what better excuse to find out.

Although you may need to experiment with angles and supporting her in different ways.

"Also keep in mind that it’s normal for mums-to-be to feel a lot wetter," says Petra.
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3) ​Vary positions

What hit the spot for her before may not be so good now, so talk and experiment.

"Positions where she’s putting a lot of weight on her knees can be uncomfortable in later pregnancy, while standing up can leave her back unsupported if she’s got pelvic pain," says Petra.

Also, steer clear of having her lying on her front as the months go on.

Deep thrusting won’t hurt the baby (although chat with your doctor if she has a history of miscarriage or has placenta previa but if she’s not keen, try side-by-side spooning for gentler penetration or her-on-top so she has the control.
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4) Be a soft touch

If she’s more sensitive than usual, try a lighter touch during foreplay and see how you get on.

"Some pregnant women love having their breasts touched because they’re more sensitive, while others hate it," says Petra.

Pregnancy is a great chance to talk about what you both like, and appreciate that while some mums-to-be feel more adventurous and sexy, some feel more shy and body conscious.

It’s just about communicating so you’re on the same page.

What position worked best for you during pregnancy? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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