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Good Excuse: The 9 Best Relationship Wins During Pregnancy

The most enjoyable ways to play the pregnancy trump card in your relationship

Yes, you might be nauseous. And yep, that dress you spent half a month’s salary on before you became pregnant is starting to feel a bit snug.

But, before we lose you to a tell-me-something-I-don’t-know eye roll, turns out there are plenty of fun trade-offs in pregnancy – especially in your relationship.

Change his aftershave

Does your partner know mums-to-be often have a heightened sense of smell? It’s hormone-related, and can suddenly make everything from a cheese board to, say, that spritz he always wears, become overwhelmingly and unpleasantly pungent. Cue nausea.

Maybe he could put it away for now and dig it back out once your baby’s here?

Good plan. (Now hide or throw it).

Pick the film

Big nights out and pub sessions are off the menu now you’re pregnant. The least he can do is let you pick the DVD. Besides, you’ll probably fall asleep half way through anyway – then he can put on Match Of The Day.

Choose the restaurant

Cravings, nausea, eating right for your baby – there are plenty of angles you can bring in to argue why you’d prefer to hit your favourite place to eat tonight, rather than order his usual from Dominos.

Zone out of conversations

Hey, it’s not your fault your mind wandered during that detailed explanation of the project/report/Fantasy Football league he’s involved in.

It’s called baby brain.

Get out of social events

The tired card is there for a reason. Play it when you’d rather be left at home for that dinner with his friends and their girlfriends you have nothing in common with.

Send him out to get food

It’s a cliché, but if you suddenly have a hankering for celery with Greek yoghurt at midnight, he’d be such a darl if he could just do the honours.

It’s only for a few months.

Steal his clothes

Whether it’s that jumper you’ve always loved or the slogan tee that looks ace with your jeans, now’s your chance to nick what you like from his wardrobe. After all, with your changing shape, they do fit that little bit better.

And you are carrying his baby…

Get a free pampering session

If you’re struggling to bend down as your bump grows, cut back on costly pedicures by asking him to paint your toenails for you. In all seriousness, this is actually a really cute bonding exercise and definitely guarantees a laugh.

Hog the bed

For obvious bump reasons, you may want a bit more space/duvet these days and the right to switch positions to your heart’s content.

He got you here, so how can he deny you now, right?

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