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How To Rethink Couple Time Now You’re Pregnant

Don’t fancy late dinners or meeting up for a post-work drink now you’re pregnant? You just need to think out of the box for some great pregnancy couple time

If a midnight film screening or that new bar you’ve both wanted to try out suddenly don’t seem so appealing anymore, don’t panic – pregnancy definitely isn’t the end to your couple quality time. In fact, it could be the best excuse ever to try out some new things, have a giggle and boost your relationship.

DVD afternoons

Instead of watching the same film you always do (usually one you’re both not hugely fussed about but can at least agree on), ramp things up a bit.

Dare we say it, rent a new release, make some popcorn from scratch (tip: go easy on the butter and salt for the healthiest option) and press play in the afternoon rather than 8pm. Otherwise, we all know you’ll nod off before the credits start rolling.

Comedy nights

Loads of bars, pubs and comedy clubs (obvs) host them and they’re often a great chance to see up-and-coming comedians before they suddenly appear on 8 Out of 10 Cats or Mock The Week.

A nice way to enjoy an evening out without the booze – just make sure you’ve been doing your pelvic floor exercises if the comedian’s rumoured to be good.

Pub quizzes

Baby brain? Pah. You laugh in the face of it, especially when a question comes up about that pregnant celeb or different types of pain relief.

Ok, perhaps wishful thinking.

Be a little team of two or get together with friends – either way, these are always loads of fun. And, if the prize is a bar tab, at least you’ll get plenty of lime and sodas…

Leisurely walks

If you’re anything like us, you rarely walk just for the sake of it. Ours are usually to and from bus stops or a quick dash to Sainsbury’s.

But, some gentle exercise is exactly what you’re after in pregnancy, so take the opportunity to stroll around your nearest common or park.

Green space is a real mood booster and you have plenty of time to chat. Hold hands, too – it can reduce stress, according to US research.

Sunday lunches

Leave your lunchtime roast to the professionals by heading to a beer garden. There’s nothing like having your food cooked for you to make you feel a bit indulgent, and you can cuddle up in the sun if the weather’s nice.

Even if you’ve got some baby organising to do, it’s a much more fun place to brainstorm name ideas, right?

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