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The nine unexpected benefits of sex during pregnancy

Just because there's a baby on the way, you don't have to take it easy all the time and stop having sex. 

It's perfectly safe, and women actually say that having sex while pregnant is a much more enjoyable experience.

So there you have it. It's healthy and much more fun, so learn a bit about the benefits of getting it on with a bump!

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1) Reduces stress

 Oxytocin, the love hormone that your body releases when you have an orgasm, helps get rid of some of that stress that you may be feeling from work and other problems.

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2) Improves your connection 

Having sex during pregnancy will help your intimacy with your partner develop, and once the baby is born, you're more likely to have sex regularly if you make it regular now. 
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3) Better sleep 

All that action before bedtime will definitely make you sleep better. They say a mutually satisfying physical interaction before sleep makes it easier to switch off to go to sleep and stay asleep for longer. 
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4) Improves your immunity

As during pregnancy you're more of risk of catching bugs and viruses, having more sex will release Oxytocin which also gives your system an immune boost. 
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5) It makes your baby happy

As well as it doing wonders for your baby's growth and development before they're born, the more positive feelings you feel, the less stress hormones your baby will feel. 
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6) It can help induce labour

If it feels like you should be in labour already, having sex can spur this on for some people. Although it didn't quite happen for Ross and Rachel, it's worth a go! 

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7) Prevents the risk of preeclampsia 

When the woman falls pregnant, there is an immunological tolerance to protect the foetus' immunity, so if it fails, there is a risk of preeclampsia. As the sperm contains a protein that can regulate the body's immune system. So regulating your sexual activity can prevent the risk of having preeclampsia. 
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8) Better orgasms

If you've had trouble reaching an orgasm, you will find it a lot easier when you have sex during pregnancy. As every part of your body is a lot more sensitive, it's easier to have an orgasm, as well it being much more fulfilling and lasting longer. 
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9) You get to experiment

Being pregnant means there's a bump in the way, but this leaves room for trying out different ways. This will also be a bit of fun to try out something new, and spend some quality time with each other. 

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