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A smart checklist of pregnancy tips for first-time mums from Smart Insurance

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A smart checklist of pregnancy tips for first-time mums from Smart Insurance

Having your first child can be a daunting time for any new mum, and the experience will be unique for every woman.

While no amount of preparation will leave you feeling completely confident as you become a mum for the first time, we’re lucky enough to have the internet and a range of resources readily available to advise and prepare us for what’s to come.

There are women that may have been planning to be mothers for as long as they can remember, and although the anxiety and stresses might be somewhat less for them, we’re not all like that.

There may be some who have not planned for a bundle of joy, juggling full-time jobs while trying to make sense of what it all means. So where can you find out what is needed and how to manage once the baby arrives?

If you’re one of these women, the essential baby checklist from life insurance provider Smart Insurance might be very useful.

It might feel like nothing can prepare you for what lies ahead, but it does help to arm yourself with as much information as possible, to make the transition from woman to mother, that much more seamless. With a set of tips for every trimester, from the 1st week to post birth - 36 essential tips in total - there is a wealth of information to be discovered in the Smart baby checklist.

Some of the highlights for each trimester include the following:

1st Trimester:

  • Vitamins for mother and baby
  • Baby books and pregnancy reading material
  • How to deal with changes to your body
  • Tips for sleeping
  • Skincare
  • Record your experience - get a journal (this might come in useful if you’re planning on having a second one)

2nd Trimester:

  • Maternity wear
  • Helpful items you might need to invest in for when the baby’s here
  • Nursery kit (accessories and items needed - cot, bedding, toys,etc)
  • Baby clothes (you need to start stocking up now)
  • Comfortable shoes for you
  • Nappies 

3rd Trimester:

  • Feeding Supplies
  • Baby bath
  • Prep your hospital bag
  • Car seat
  • Pram
  • Breast pads
  • Nursing bras
  • Pregnancy pads

Post birth:

  • Baby monitor
  • Baby first aid kit 
  • Dummies
  • Play mats
  • Babyproof your home
  • Teething toys & gels

This just outlines some of the main points of consideration throughout each trimester and phase of your pregnancy, and you can review the original baby checklist with real advice from mothers who have been there.

Be smart about what you get when you start shopping for things for your baby and home, you could get away with borrowing or purchasing certain items second-hand, which will help if you’re on a budget.

Furthermore, don’t let the amount of things you need stress you out or get in the way  of enjoying this experience either. Pregnancy is meant to be an important time in both your life and your unborn baby’s. Bonding is more important than the things you need, so play some classical music for the life that grows inside of you, or pop songs – whatever you prefer.

Speak to your unborn baby, let them know that you care and love them and refrain from subjecting them to external stress.

Pregnancy is bound to be a challenging time, especially if the baby hasn’t been planned for, but the life inside of you doesn’t need to know that. It’s not about all the things you have, or how planned you are, just do the best you can, give them love and remember, it’s not just about you any more.

One of the most important things is to take good care of yourself, that’s the best thing you can do as a first, second or even third-time mum - that will always be the most important thing you can do for the unborn life that you’re nurturing.

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