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During pregnancy your body is undergoing some huge and exciting changes, and so it's important to take care of your health and wellbeing! Maintaining a good exercise routine will help you feel great and can even help your labour be faster and easier, so a great place to start is by reading up about what pregnancy exercises to plan into your week and months.

Good nutrition also goes hand in hand with exercise, so use our what foods to eat in pregnancy guide to stock up on the right things. 

Of course, your mental wellbeing is also something you have to care for equally, so listen to to how your feeling, and always ask for support - even on a good day!

We host a mum group on Facebook called Mumtribe and that's exactly what we are: a tribe. We're a team. Mums-to-be and new mummas joining together to help support one another through the real struggles of starting out being a mum.

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So whether you join our group or someone else’s, it's so important that you have a sounding board to carry you through pregnancy. We challenge you to write something in your chosen group once a month at least - sharing even a little with those who understand what you're going through can be surprisingly uplifting. 

Below you can also find more information about common ailments and how they may impact you during pregnancy, as well as some common pregnancy symptoms. Most are very normal, but if you have any concerns do contact your GP. 

Finally, below you can also find more information about other more fun things, such as sex during pregnancy and the positions you're most likely to enjoy now you have a bump! All this, alongside handy pregnancy apps to track your baby's development, crazy pregnancy cravings to watch out for, how to get a good night's sleep during pregnancy - and much more! 

Pregnancy Health Conditions Explained

From preeclampsia to puffy nipples, restless legs and tiredness, pregnancy brings with it a whole host of health issues. Read our expert advice about all the pregnancy health conditions you might encounter, and alleviate any fears you have during your pregnancy - we're here to help!