15 ’embarrassing’ pregnancy problems that are a lot more common than you think

by Samantha Ball |

Pregnancy can give you glossy, thick hair and a beautiful baby bump, but your glowing skin can soon turn to a blush when it comes to pregnancy's more quirky 'side effects'.

With all the changes, we've listed 15 pregnancy problems that can be a little bit 'embarrassing (plus the causes and treatments to help you feel back to your usual self!)

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1) Gas and burping

Hormone progesterone is your baby’s best friend but can lead to embarrassing problems for you as it relaxes your intestines and slows digestion. Coupled with increasing pressure on your abdomen, there’s plenty of places for gasses to get trapped!

Bump band-aid: Wear loose clothing, eat small meals and keep a food dairy to identify triggers. “A lot of women suddenly switch to a strict diet of pulses and vegetables when pregnant,” says midwife Annabel Athill, from Kensington Midwives. “So if you’re not used to them, introduce gradually!”

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