The best baby shower games to play

The best baby shower games to play

by Lorna White |

Chances are if you're planning a baby shower, you'll be looking for some baby shower games to help guests feel comfortable at the party. We've picked out some of the best baby shower games out there to make the perfect baby shower for you or your friend!

Etiquette says mums-to-be should never plan their own baby shower and it should be a friend or family member instead. If you've been given this special task, you're probably finding that planning the perfect baby shower can be a little daunting, right?

Baby shower games in this article

Fun games that everyone will want to play, the perfect gift, decorations that don't cost the earth, an impressive cake plus the right food options for meat-eaters, vegans and flexitarians - the list can seem endless. Don't forget to make the expecting mother write a gift wishlist to ensure she doesn't get 12 packs of muslin cloths - even if she does end up going through them at lightspeed once the baby is born.

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But that's where we come in. As baby showers become more and more popular, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite baby shower games that are the perfect way to break the ice. We've even come up with a few essential ideas for planning the special day. Thank us later!

Some of the less physical game ideas can also work perfectly if you're planning to throw a virtual baby shower during lockdown! If you are planning a baby shower in lockdown, this mama has some great ideas to taking the party virtual!

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1. Who knows Mummy best?

This game is all about the mum-to-be! As baby showers tend to focus around on the little one, it’s nice to turn the attention to mum for a while. You will need: Pen and paper. 

How to play: If you’re planning the shower for a friend, find out all you can about her and write a series of questions all about her – you can be as outlandish as you like. Then play the game to see who knows her best. You can do this individually or in teams depending how many people are at the shower, and the aim of the game is for everyone (or team) to write down what they think the answers are to each question.  Whoever gets the most correct, wins!

Tips on planning a baby shower:

  • Pick someone you trust - Etiquette says the mum-to-be shouldn't plan her own shower, so choose a friend or family member you trust to do things your way, and accept you won't have too much input!

  • Choose the right time - Most women have their baby showers at around 36 weeks, as by then you have normally finished work, and the arrival of your baby seems imminent! Around two hours is usually a good amount of time.

  • Check the guestlist - It's ok to keep things small and intimate, but make sure you check the guest list with the mum-to-be first to ensure you've not missed someone important!

  • Choose a theme - Think afternoon tea, with some thank-you cupcakes for guests to leave with. If you know the sex of the baby, you can have fun with pink or blue, if not, opt for golds and neutral colours.

  • Start a baby shower wishlist - Of course, there are some baby essentials that make great baby shower presents, but to avoid everyone turning up with Sophie the Giraffe or Ewan the Sheep, why not ask the mum-to-be to make a baby shower wish list.

What baby shower games would you play? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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