The best breakfasts to ease your morning sickness

Boiled egg and soldiers

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If you’re suffering from morning sickness, sometimes the last thing you want to do is eat breakfast. But check out our expert’s top choices of bump-nourishing foods that will reduce your nausea.

Nutritionist Rosie Letts reveals the best breakfasts which will help ease the dreaded pregnancy symptoms...

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Boiled egg and soldiers
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Boiled eggs and wholemeal soldiers

Eggs no longer have to be well cooked in pregnancy, as they are now considered very low salmonella risk, so you can enjoy boiled eggs and soldiers. Eggs are one of the most easily digestible sources of protein and so help to prevent morning sickness. This combination of protein and carbohydrates should keep you going all morning.

Meet the expert: Rosie is a qualified and registered Bristol nutritional therapist with a first-class degree from The University of Westminster. As an avid foodie and prolific recipe developer, she is responsible for developing menus at some of Bristol and London’s most celebrated eateries. Visit Rosie's site, for expert tips, and recipes.

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