How to beat pregnancy fatigue and up your energy levels

by Joshua Calton-Weekes |

Pregnancy is an amazing experience. It is full of excitement and important milestones - from finally seeing your little one on a scan photo to that precious first kick. Despite all the wonderful parts of pregnancy, you cannot ignore the not-so-fabulous elements. The grizzly side effects - morning sickness, stress, swelling up like a balloon and feeling TIRED ALL THE TIME.

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Are you barely able to drag yourself off the sofa and you wouldn't even flinch if Ryan Gosling came to the door?

Well, feeling like your get-up-and-go has simply got-up-and-gone, aka pregnancy fatigue, has to be one of the most common complaints pregnant women have. Sadly, sleep problems can affect you in your first trimester, second trimester and (yep, you guessed it) third trimester of pregnancy.

It’s not just a lack of zzz's thanks to your baby bump that’s to blame - ‘Your body’s dealing with the incredible physical challenges of pregnancy,’ says GP Dr Carol Cooper. ‘It’s been drained of nutritional reserves, deprived of rest and pushed to its limits.’

If you've had enough of feeling like a zombie, try our energy-boosting advice and you’ll soon feel ready for anything (yes, that includes you, Mr Gosling).

8 energy boosting tips:

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1) Get a new (non-caffeine) fix

If you usually only get going thanks to an espresso IV, you may struggle with the pregnancy-safe caffeine limit of 200mg a day (that’s two mugs of instant coffee). The good news is, researchers at the University of Michigan say DIY acupressure boosts alertness as effectively. Try squeezing the fleshy pad between your thumb and first finger, massaging the base of your skull or rubbing the front of your shins.

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