Pregnancy Playlist: What Can Your Baby Hear In The Womb?

by Alex Davies |

Whether it’s The Beatles, Beyonce or Bach, enjoy acquainting your baby with your favourite music

Your growing baby’s pretty incredible. You’ve only just had your 12-week scan, but she can already hear what’s going on outside your bump around this stage.

Great excuse to introduce her to your music collection, steering clear of putting headphones on your bump, obvs.

‘Your baby’s surrounded by fluid in your womb so sound vibrates through that,’ explains Denyse Kirkby, midwifery teacher and author of My Mini Midwife (£8.99, Summersdale). ‘Now imagine how intense that’ll be if music’s being played directly into your bump through a speaker.’

She can hear all that Ellie Goulding (*cough* One Direction) fine anyway, so we introduce some additions to your bump play list.

The calming tune

Songs that relax you help lower your blood pressure and anxiety, which are both beneficial for your baby’s health, too. And some tunes are scientifically shown to do this better than others.

‘Certain songs are described as anxiolytic, which basically means they have a pace and rhythm that helps settle your brainwaves into a relaxed state,’ says Denyse.

An example is the song Weightless by Marconi Union, which was developed by scientists with 60 beats per minute (bpm) – the optimum for settling your mind.

Our pick: Albatross by Fleetwood Mac with 66bpm.

The happy track

As well as mellow songs to chill you out, ones that get you up and moving are great, too – basically, anything you have a positive association with.

‘Your own feel-good songs can be useful for a birth play list, too,’ says Denyse. ‘I’ve spoken to women who downloaded songs recommended by friends for labour, but ended up skipping over them on the day in favour of ones that meant more personally.’

You may also find your food preference isn’t the only taste that changes in pregnancy. ‘One mum-to-be I knew found she suddenly felt sick hearing her favourite Phil Collins tracks, and wanted to listen to loads of Mozart instead,’ says Denyse.

Our pick: Happy by Pharrell Williams. Sure, it’s in the name, but definitely one that makes our Saturday morning house clear up more fun.

The lullaby

OK, we’re not suggesting you send yourself crazy with Ba Ba Black Sheep on the commute, but it may be useful to listen to the odd lullaby now.

University of Helsinki research shows babies recognise songs they heard in the womb for up to four months after birth, so getting her used to a soothing lullaby could be useful for helping her sleep when she’s born.

Our pick: Twinkle Twinkle – the one used in the Finnish study.

What’s on your pregnancy play list? Let us know on the comments board below.

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