Pregnant? Here are four hair care tips you need to know about

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

During pregnancy your body will go through lots of exciting (and some embarrassing) changes, affecting everything from the foods you fancy to your bra size!

Here, the experts at the national hairdressing group Rush focus on your follicles, taking us through some tips and tricks to keep your hair looking and feeling its best, from bump to birth.

1) No two heads are the same 

Just as you’ll often hear that no two women will experience exactly the same things during their pregnancy, this also relates to your hair. It will react differently to the boost of new hormones your body is creating.

Be prepared to experience a head of fresh and thick hair, as the increase in oestrogen causes your roots to hang on to your hair, leading to less fallout.

However, some women also struggle with thinning hair if your body has had a sudden decrease in oestrogen, which can occur when you stop taking a contraceptive pill or experience a hormonal imbalance.

In addition to this, your hair type may change completely – ladies with dry hair may now have greasiness to combat, and those with straight hair may notice some curls.

Many doctors may recommend taking pregnancy supplements and maintaining a healthy diet during the early stages to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs, which will also help with whichever hair changes you experience; low levels of iron, in particular, a key mineral throughout pregnancy, can lead to hair loss, so be sure to listen to the doctor’s orders to keep your hair healthy too!

2) Embrace your roots in the first trimester 

While your hormones might leave you loving your new thick hair, if that hair is coloured then you may need to embrace a more natural look for the first three months of pregnancy.

Sometimes the hormones can change how your hair reacts to the dye, so you might not achieve the desired shade or your hair simply might not take to the colour as well as it usually does.

If you’re in the process of trying for a baby, why not opt for a low-maintenance colour look such as a balayage or root smudge, so that you’re prepared for when the happy day comes?

Don’t worry, as soon as your baby is born and your hormones return to normal, so can your colour choices.

3) Treat yourself to a trim during the second and third trimester 

During the later stages of pregnancy, it’s common to experience discomforts such as ligament pains, backaches, swollen feet and more.

Coming to a salon for a relaxing shampoo and blow-dry is a great way to banish these blues – here at Rush we offer a number of tailor-made treatments that can help to combat your personal hormonal hair challenges, however, pregnancy affects you.

We’d always recommend trimming your hair every six to eight weeks and this is no different during pregnancy.

As well as offering you an hour of pampering, when booking in for a cut your stylist can give you a simple-to-manage style in preparation for when your baby arrives.

4) Simple postpartum styles 

Being a new mum is undoubtedly a busy time, so your regular routine of washing, drying and straightening your hair may suffer. Invest in a quality dry shampoo and learn some simple ‘hair up’ styles to keep you looking gorgeous regardless!

We love a classic messy ponytail – just backcomb your dry shampoo through the roots to create volume, then brush and secure your hair at the desired height.

This look works best when it appears a little relaxed and dishevelled, so you don’t need to worry about making it neat! For something a little extra, why not invest in some fun hair ribbons or on-trend scrunchies?

Alternatively, the ‘top knot’ or a mid bun is a fantastic way to disguise unwashed hair and keep it out of the way of baby’s tugs.

Start by backcombing the hair slightly and securing into a ponytail either right on top of your head or in the middle, remembering to leave one small strand loose.

Next, create a bun by twisting the ponytail around the hairband and securing in place with grips, or with a second hairband.

To finish the look, take the loose strand of hair and wrap it around the bun to hide the band completely. You can create this look with wet, freshly washed hair too if you’re short on time, and it will leave you with wavy hair the next day once you take the style out!

Our stylists at Rush are trained and happy to help you throughout this exciting time. Find your nearest salon to book your appointment and keep glamorous and glowing throughout your pregnancy.

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