When do you get pregnancy cravings?

pregnancy cravings

by Bryony Firth-Bernard |

‘When do you get cravings when pregnant?’ is a commonly asked question by mums-to-be. There’s so many changes you’ll experience during your pregnancy, from crazy hormone changes to body changes and of course your appetite - after all, you aren’t just feeding one tum anymore!

When do you get pregnancy cravings?

There’s not actually an exact time you can pinpoint when pregnancy cravings will start, as it really does vary from woman to woman, with some not having any pregnancy cravings at all. However, if you do start to get the munchies, the NHS says it’s most likely to be during your first trimester, but sometimes it can be as early as five weeks into your pregnancy. Your cravings will then usually peak in your second trimester and start to subside during your third trimester.

Again, what you will crave differs from person to person; some women will be drawn towards fatty, salty or sweet foods, others sometimes start to love foods they didn’t even like before pregnancy. You may even find yourself craving the weirdest of things, like ice! Either way, it’s safe to say you most probably aren’t going to reach for the healthiest food options during this time, so don’t be hard on yourself.

What causes pregnancy cravings?

There isn’t an exact proven answer as to why you get cravings when pregnant. Hormone fluctuation is thought to be one possible reason, as it affects your smell, taste and appetite. It may also be down to the fact that your body is working doubly as hard as it adapts to cater for two beings.

Common pregnancy cravings

Below are some of the foods you may find yourself craving during your pregnancy:

Sweets - getting a sweet tooth is one of the most common pregnancy cravings, with lots of women reaching for sugary snacks, such as chocolate.

Dairy - calcium and sugar in dairy make it all the more appealing during pregnancy, with ice cream being a common go-to.

Fast food - now is the perfect excuse to reward yourself with a Chinese or that pizza you tried to abstain from.

Starchy carbs - pregnancy will physically drain you at times, which is why pasta, bread and potatoes are popular as they help to refuel your body.

Pickles - so you may not reach for these on a daily basis, but that can all change when you’re pregnant. Pickles have a high sodium content that pregnant women crave and can even help with muscle cramps.

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