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The best breakfasts to ease your morning sickness

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If you’re suffering from morning sickness, sometimes the last thing you want to do is eat breakfast. But check out our expert’s top choices of bump-nourishing foods that will reduce your nausea.

Nutritionist Rosie Letts reveals the best breakfasts which will help ease the dreaded pregnancy symptom... 

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1) Apple bircher muesli muffins

These apple bircher muesli muffins are packed with fibre, slow release glucose and cinnamon, which keeps energy levels steady through the day. Porridge oats are high in vitamin B6, which reduces sickness, and they are also really easy to take with you if you need breakfast on the go.

Check out Rosie's apple bircher muesli muffin recipe, here
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2) Boiled eggs and wholemeal soldiers

 Eggs no longer have to be well cooked in pregnancy, as they are now considered very low salmonella arisk, so you can enjoy boiled eggs and soldiers. Eggs are one of the most easily digestible sources of protein and so help to prevent morning sickness. This combination of protein and carbohydrates should keep you going all morning.
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3) Trail mix

Your body goes into a glucose fast overnight, which can add to early morning sickness and leave you feeling unable to face food. Try nibbling on a handful of homemade trail mix and your nausea should quickly ease

Check out Rosie's trail mix recipe, here
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4) Fruit lollies

Sometimes the thought of eating or drinking anything is too much, but sucking an ice-lollie is soothing and helps keep mums-to-be hydrated and nourished.
Check out Rosie's homemade ice lollies and frozen ice cubes recipe, here 
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5) Banana Pancakes

Bananas are a great source of potassium and iron, and provide just the right amount of sweetness for this recipe. What you eat for breakfast has a massive effect on your mood and hunger levels throughout the day. A good protein packed breakfast like this is your best option to avoid any mid-morning sugar dips, energy lows and brain fuzz that would normally trigger nausea.
Check out Rosie's banana pancake recipe, here
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6) Berry & chia seed smoothie

 Coconut water is naturally hydrating and contains five electrolytes that your body needs: potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium. Morning sickness can lead to dehydration, so use this recipe to help you stay refreshed.

Check out Rosie's berry and chia seed smoothie, here 

Meet the expert: Rosie is a qualified and registered Bristol nutritional therapist with a first-class degree from The University of Westminster. As an avid foodie and prolific recipe developer, she is responsible for developing menus at some of Bristol and London’s most celebrated eateries. Visit Rosie's site, for expert tips and recipes. 

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