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Can you drink herbal tea while pregnant?

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In short, yes but not ALL herbal tea. We know it's difficult limiting your caffeine fix when pregnant, no more large cups of coffee, or endless cups of builders tea. So you're on the right track by replacing caffeine with herbal tea, but just be cautious when doing so. When it comes to herbal tea during pregnancy, natural doesn't always mean safe.

Can you drink herbal tea while pregnant?

Most herbal and fruit teas are safe to drink in pregnancy, as long as you don't drink them in copious amounts. One or two cups a day should be fine. Just don’t drink them continually. Why? Think about herbal medicines and how much good they can do to our bodies, helping us with various health conditions. Herbal teas contain the same plant chemicals and can therefore have an effect on your bodily state if taken when you are pregnant.

What you can do is mix it up, don't drink the same herbal tea every day, try different flavours instead. One tip is to stick to ingredients that are part of your normal diet, like orange extract for example.

Which teas should you specifically avoid and why?

All the herbal teas you should steer clear of...

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Sage tea

Sage tea contains thujone, which has previously been linked to miscarriage and high blood pressure.
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Parsley tea

Parsley tea may also increase your risk of miscarriage and affect your baby's development, if you take it in large amounts. But it's ok to use fresh or dried parsley and sage in moderation when cooking.
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Green tea

Green tea is often misconstrued as a completely herbal tea, but most green tea is in fact caffeinated, which is important to be aware of before you accept the unlimited cups at Wagamama.
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Teas that claim to help you sleep

There are certain teas that claim to help you sleep, but before you try them, check whether they have the ingredient Valerian, as this is what to avoid. There is not sufficient research on the safety of Valerian during pregnancy and some studies have indicated that it may reduce the level of zinc in your developing baby’s brain. Zinc is necessary for healthy brain development once your baby is born.
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Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is often recommended for insomnia, anxiety and problems with digestion. While one cup, once in a while, can relax you – it’s recommended that you avoid it as much as possible due to suggested links with circulation problems in babies.

Raspberry leaf tea

Now here’s a herbal tea you can drink when pregnant. Raspberry leaf tea is often taken around the 32 week mark by mums-to-be, as many believe it helps tone the muscles of your uterus. This, in turn, helps prepare you body for labour. However – if you are overdue, it could be dangerous to drink too much of this seemingly magical tea as it can induce very strong contractions which could harm your baby. Peppermint tea is thought to have the same effect.


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