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6 Brilliant Breakfast Treats For Your First Trimester Of Pregnancy

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A balanced breakfast, complete with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, builds cells for your baby and helps to set you up for the day ahead, which can be a lifesaver when you’re suffering from morning sickness or feeling exhausted.  In the early days, something quick and simple to prepare is ideal – but that doesn’t mean it can’t taste delicious, too.

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Getting enough protein in pregnancy is vital, so tuck in to a cooked breakfast at the weekend. Stick to organic meat if possible and try grilling your sausages and bacon instead of frying to make it healthier. Or if you’re a vegetarian, baked beans on wholegrain toast is a good source of protein, too. Just remember to always make sure eggs are cooked through.
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Porridge is rich in folic acid, an important nutrient for your growing baby. Mix some up – or even try quinoa cooked in milk – and add fruit, such as cranberries, for an added health and taste boost. The mixture of fruit and fibre is great for a healthy digestion.
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It might not be the most exciting breakfast but eating dry toast in the morning is a great way of relieving morning sickness. Ginger is also known for fighting nausea, so try drinking a cup of ginger tea with your breakfast or pick up some ginger marmalade or jam.
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Wake up to a whole-grain bagel with cheese, eggs or vegetables. The mixture of the food groups will give you plenty of energy for the day ahead and will keep your digestion running smoothly. Complete this morning treat with a glass of milk or pouring yoghurt for a calcium hit.
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Ultimate smoothie

Blend yoghurt, oats, banana and honey together for an energy-boosting start to the day. The mix of yoghurt, fruit and wholegrain makes for a complete balanced breakfast, and will leave you feeling full and energised all morning.
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Fortified breakfast cereals such as Bran Flakes, Fruit ‘n Fibre and All Bran are all great sources of folic acid, which is an essential pregnancy vitamin to ensure your baby’s spine forms properly.

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