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Pregnancy series: 'I'm pregnant what do I do now' with My Expert Midwife


We caught up with My Expert Midwife to collaborate with our YouTube pregnancy series to discuss: 'I'm pregnant what do I do now'.

This first video is one of six we'll be collaborating on with the expert midwives. In the rest of the series we'll be talking more about the pregnancy journey, such as the first trimester, pregnancy health and wellbeing, the second trimester, what to pack in your hospital bag and preparing for labour.

Speaking with Lesley Gilchrist, founder and CEO of My Expert Midwife, we found out what you do from the moment you take that all important pregnancy test and it tells you, you're pregnant! 

Some of the parts touched upon in this video are:

  • Common pregnancy symptoms
  • What to expect at your first midwife appointment? 
  • Vitamins in pregnancy
  • Injection recommendations now you're pregnant

Lesley helps give an honest account of what you may feel like when you're pregnant, some tips on how to prepare for your first midwife appointment and much more. You'll also hear from our in-house mum, Digital Group Editor, Maria Martin, who will share nuggets of her first pregnancy journey and how she's getting on now this year in her second pregnancy. 

So grab a cuppa and have a seat with us, as Lesley helps expel any fears or questions you may have about the moment you find out you're pregnant. 

Some useful products from My Expert Midwife you can use during and after pregnancy

And for more bits and boobs, head over to My Expert Midwife's blogs!


  • Author: Maria Martin Maria Martin
  • Job Title: Digital Group Editor - Mother&Baby and Yours

Maria is the Online Editor for Mother&Baby. She is a biker, mama-of-two who enjoys baking and taking her little one to messy play. Maria's focus is around breastfeeding, post-partum depression and weaning. She aspires to help fellow mums through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond by discussing issues such as mental health and self-care. You can find Maria on Instagram and LinkedIn. Maria has won Bauer Media Awards for 2018 Digital Editor Of The Year and 2017 Digital Talent Of The Year.