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5 common dreams women have while pregnant (and what they mean!)

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If you’re pregnant, then you probably want to make the most of getting as many hours sleep as possible before the newborn arrives.

A good night's sleep is even more essential whilst pregnant and is vital to help you recover from the stress on your body during the day and prepare for the day that you have ahead.

However, if you have been experiencing some very unusual, vivid dreams, then do not be alarmed because this is very common while pregnant, no matter what trimester you’re in. As part of Happy Beds’ pregnancy campaign, their sleep expert, Joy Richards looked at why we dream more when we are pregnant and the five most common themes when it comes to dreaming while pregnant. 

Pregnancy dreams and their meanings:

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1) Dreams about water

Dreaming about water is common whether you’re pregnant or not, but when you actually are carrying a baby, these dreams can be a lot more vivid and can connotate different meanings depending how far along you are.

The idea of rain, rivers and seas are frequent at the beginning of pregnancy, while floods and large waves tend to be a theme in the last trimester. Rain is a sign of cleansing, and connotates new beginnings and a new life, while flooding tends to represent your water breaking and the beginning of birthing.
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2) Dreams about giving birth

As soon as you find out that you’re pregnant, the thought of giving birth is constantly on your mind, especially if it’s your first and you don’t know what to expect. This can mean a mix of different things: genuine excitement for the baby’s arrival and anxiety about the birthing day going wrong, or the fact that you’re completely not in control of the baby’s arrival.

Some women have dreams about giving birth to animals. This may seem like a bit of a weird one, but it is extremely common. These indicate the internal preparation for the responsibilities that a pregnant woman will soon have.
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3) Dreams about travelling

Dreaming about taking a trip can be a sign that you’re about to start a life long journey, although the way that you travel can add further context.
If you’re dreaming about setting off in the car and driving around, this can suggest that your intensions are to maintain a profession whilst raising your baby. However, if you’re dreaming about flying away, then it shows that you have thought about how you’re going to raise them.
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4) Dreams about forgetting the baby

If you’re dreaming about leaving a baby somewhere, then do not be alarmed as this is extremely common in every trimester. Forgetting about the baby shows that while you are excited, you don’t yet feel that you are quite responsible enough to bring a child into the world. Don’t worry though – every new mum will feel the same, and it will fall into place naturally when the baby arrives!
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5) Dreams about being trapped

Dreams about getting trapped, whether this is in your house, in the local shop or on an island can be a sign of two different things. The first idea is that this indicates that the baby is ‘trapped’ in the womb, with no escape. However, the second idea signifies that it represents that the mother will no longer have the same independence that they once had. 

Why are dreams more vivid now I'm pregnant?

You’re more likely to remember a dream if you wake up in the middle of it, and as you are waking up a lot more during pregnancy due to morning sickness, back pain and need to use the toilet, those dreams are a lot more vivid.

The dreams that you may be experiencing are also due to the combined hormonal changes and physical changes with the generic stress and anxiety that you may be going through towards the build-up of labour day.


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As part of the campaign, Happy Beds also looked at the best sleeping positions for pregnant women in order to get the best snooze possible. By following some of these steps, it will ensure that you hopefully get more than the average 5 hours of sleep a night while pregnant and minimise your vivid dreams. 


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