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Is it safe to use a hot water bottle during pregnancy?

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There’s nothing quite like cosying up with a hot water bottle to warm you up throughout the winter months or to soothe any pains, aches and cramps you might be experiencing during pregnancy, but are they really safe to use during pregnancy? 

According to the NHS, the answer is yes - it's perfectly safe to use a hot water bottle during pregnancy. The heat from the bottle can help relax your muscles to combat any aches or pains you might be experiencing during your pregnancy. And don’t worry - your baby won’t be able to feel the warmth from it as you would be amazed at how much protection there is thanks to the layers between the hot water bottle and baby. 

Whether you’re pregnant or not, there are a few rules you should follow when using a hot water bottle for your safety. 

  • It’s always advisable to use one with a cover to avoid any burning. 
  • You should check your bottle before each use for any tears or damage - if you spot any, replace it. 
  • Ensure the lid fits on securely. 
  • Let any boiling water cool a little before pouring it into a bottle as this could cause the bottle to tear. 
  • Don’t use a hot water bottle at the same time as an electric blanket, just in case there is a spillage of water. 
  • If sleeping with your bottle, make sure you avoid laying or sitting on top of it to avoid it bursting. 
  • Only fill to three quarters full to avoid overfilling. 

While it is advised that pregnant women should avoid saunas, hot tubs and extremely hot baths as it has been linked with spina bifida, a hot water bottle is too small to cause the core body temperature to get too high. 

Take a look at our pick of the best hot water bottles to buy. 


The best hot water bottles for pregnancy and beyond

With a transparent water bottle, you'll clearly be able to see how much water is in the bottle so you don't over fill it. It also comes with a lovely knitted cover, available in nine different colours. 

This 2L bottle is ideal for both children and grown ups thanks to its lovely, soft cover. It's durability means you can hug it for hours on the sofa. With a length of 73cm, it's ideal for curling around in bed. 

Ideal for wrapping around your stomach, lower back or neck for those days when you feel a little sore, this adorable koala bear inspired wrap is ideal for the whole family to use.  

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