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The best hypnobirthing podcasts and audiobooks

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Hypnobirthing podcast

If you're pregnant or soon to be in labour, you've probably already heard of hypnobirthing. If not, you can read more about hypnobirthing here. 

In short, hypnobirthing is all about creating a calm and relaxing environment while giving birth to hopefully give you a very positive birth experience. And while there are a lot of books and classes to help you learn more about hypnobirthing and take you through your relaxing labour, sometimes, it's easier to listen to the calming advice in your ears. 


Oxytocin ❤️ Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, or happy hormone, is what we need to fuel our labour. It makes us have surges (contractions). We can only produce effective oxytocin when we feel relaxed. A great example of this is when we are having sex. So, why would a hormone that makes us feel so good 😉 make us feel so rubbish during labour? Most likely because we aren't actually allowing our bodies to produce it effectively. A few great ways to help us produce oxytocin are: ❤️ Turn off the lights ❤️ Turn down the volume ❤️ Bring items that make you feel safe ❤️ Have a supportive birth partner present Can you name some things that may help you to produce oxytocin? Image: @matriactivista . . . #thelittlebirthcompanyfamily #womensupportingwomen #hypnobirthinginstructor #thelbc #hypnobirthing #babyonboard #mumtobe2020 #20weekspregnant #midwifery #studentmidwife #thelittlebirthcompany #newbaby #babyontheway #birth #hospitalbirth #pregnancy

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We've reviewed and rounded up some of the best hypnobirthing podcasts and audiobooks around for you to enjoy throughout your labour. 


The best hypnobirthing podcasts and audiobooks

This podcast series is all about hypnobirthing and helping you think more positively when it comes to your birth experience. It's recorded by mum-of-two Claire who is also a qualified hypnobirthing teacher. 

  • Free - available on the Apple Podcast app 

Planning to use hypnobirthing techniques during labour? Listen to this hypnobirthing book in the lead up to your birth to know everything you need about hypnobirthing. 

  • Available from Audible and on the Books app for £7.99

Perfect for the first time mums that are a little clueless when it comes to the world of child birth. This podcast is recorded by first time mum Alice who begins the podcast at 28 weeks pregnant who brings you 100 days of hypnobirthing. 

  • Free - Available from the Apple Podcast app. 

Written by hypnobirthing coach Hollie, this book will teach you all about the skills you need to listen to your body and prepare yourself for birth using exercises and breathing techniques. 

  • Available from Audible or the Apple Books app for £8.99

This podcast is brought to you by Kathryn Clark who has developed the unique, highly effective Hypnobirthing Hub program following the inspiring birth of her hypnobirthing twins. She hopes that you too can have a pain and anxiety free birth too. 

This audio book is brought to you by hypnotherapists, mothers and experienced meditation teachers, Sam and Nicola. This guide is designed to help you through a positive and reassuring journey to motherhood through visualisation, affirmation, breathing techniques, mindfulness and even includes how to combat morning sickness and difficulty sleeping. 

  • Available from Audible or the Apple Books app for £4.99

Watch a real hypnobirthing experience: 

Mum Charlotte gave birth in hospital quite fast with no pain relief using hypnobirthing techniques! 

Did you listen to a hypnobirthing podcast or audiobook we haven't mentioned? Let us know over on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. 

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