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15 snack ideas to pack in your hospital bag

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When it comes to packing that all-important hospital bag and preparing yourself for labour, food can be the last thing on your mind.

Yet it’s important to keep your energy levels up, as labour can be unpredictable and uses up an enormous amount of energy.

Whilst some mums feel nauseous, other’s feel like they need a boost, so listen to your body and act accordingly, but be prepared either way!

We asked our team of Mother&Baby mums to tell us which essential snacks they packed for labour, and why.


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1) Flapjacks

A great energy boosting food, the oats in the flapjack will replenish those essential calories. It’s also a good one to pack for the dad-to-be, as he’ll need to keep his energy up too!
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2) Lucozade

One that popped up frequently in our mums’ responses – the go-to energy drink that will give you that burst of energy if eating isn’t an option.
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3) Jaffa cakes

One of our mums reported snacking on the nations favourite biscuit (or cake, you decide) during labour. It might not be a conventional choice, but either way, feed your cravings and keep replacing those calories!
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4) Oranges

Gas and air can dry out your mouth and your lips, so snacking on something fresh can help you feel refreshed and rehydrated.
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5) Oat bars

Whether it’s the Nature Valley variety, a protein bar or just the flapjack from your Graze Box, oats are a good source of fuel!
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6) Cereal bars

That said, if you can’t stand the thought of eating something so dense, a lot of our mums also snacked on cereal bars during their labour.
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7) Bananas

There’s a reason why you see athletes snacking on bananas at sporting events – this clever fruit not only sustains your blood sugar levels, they can improve your mood and protect against muscle cramps!
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8) Mints

 Another one to banish that gas and air taste, don’t forget to chuck a pack of polos into your hospital bag.
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9) Hard boiled sweets

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy mints, find some hard-boiled sweets that will also do the trick.
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10) Anything your husband doesn’t like!

We loved this comment from one of our lovely mums, who told us her husband had eaten all her labour snacks before she got the chance! 
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11) Dried fruit

Dried fruits like apricots, raisins, prunes and figs are all high in vitamin E, iron, magnesium and calcium. What’s more, you’ll get all these nutrients in a relatively small portion, as most of the water will have been extracted.
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12) Jelly babies

One thing your midwife wishes you knew about labour: to think, and eat, like a marathon runner! 
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13) Frozen grapes

 If you can remember to grab them on your way out the door to the hospital, these will be refreshing and cooling – those labour wards can get hot!
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14) Water

Labour is thirsty work! It’s important to drink regularly to replace lost fluids and avoid getting dehydrated. You should be given water, but pack your own sports bottle just in case.
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15) Digestives

 If all of the other snacks mentioned above make you feel nauseous, digestives or rich tea biscuits are a safe alternative to try.

What snacks did you take with you to the hospital? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! Or if you're still packing your hospital bag, take a look at our checklist here for ideas. 

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