Preparing for labour: 9 snacks to pack in your hospital bag

by Maria Martin |

Most midwives will say when packing your hospital bag, popping in some healthy and energising snacks can help you prepare for labour.

It's important to keep your energy levels up, as labour can be unpredictable and uses up an enormous amount of energy.

Having some small snacks and sipping on water or energy drinks can help you feel more comfortable during labour. Here's a list of supplies to stock up on in your bag (or in a separate bag) for yourself and your birth partner to nibble on should you feel peckish prior to meeting your baby...

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Flapjacks/breakfast bars

A great energy boosting food, the oats in the flapjack or most breakfast bars will replenish those essential calories. It’s also a good one to pack for your birth partner, as they'll need to keep their energy up too.

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