Five classic photos to take while you’re pregnant

Five classic photos to take while you’re pregnant

by Joshua Calton-Weekes |

Yes, they may be a bit of a cliché, but, boy, will you regret it a few years down the line if you don’t have these photos stuck in your album.

When you look back at these belly shots, your morning sickness and sleepless nights long forgotten, they’ll melt your heart as you think of the child you now know so well growing safely inside your bump. These are the must-have photos to capture:

Sibling cuddles

If this is baby number two or three, a photo of your bump having a hug from her big sister or brother is a must. Stick this one up on the fridge to send your firstborn a clear visual message that she and her sibling will grow up to be friends.

Your partner kissing your bump

Shoot this side-on, close-up, with a plain background, so it’s all about that kiss. It’s best taken right at the end of your third trimester, when your bump is at its biggest. But take one a month before too, just in case!

Hands in a heart shape

This works best with your partner standing behind you, and both your hands making up the heart shape. Take it early in your pregnancy: the smallest hint of a bump alludes to the time only you and your partner knew your happy secret.

It’s a boy – or a girl!

This is a modern classic on social media and is so simple yet so effective. If you want to let friends and family know the gender of your baby, you can announce it, when you’re ready, by taking a photo of your bump with a pair of booties in blue or pink. It’s an undeniably cute way to share the news.

Ripples in the bath

Towards the end of your last trimester, when the skin on your belly is taut, take a bath at a time you know your baby is usually active. It might take a few tries, but if you can capture the ripples in the water created by your baby kicking, then that’s a priceless memory.

When you’re capturing memories of your pregnancy, think about how they’ll be reminders for your child and yourself. When she’s growing up, they’ll show her that she’s always been precious to you. And when she’s all grown up, and starting a family of her own, they’ll help you share your pregnancies and bond as mums.

Make a bump video

As well as taking photos, make sure to make a bump video. This couldn’t be easier and the result looks amazing. Download the free CineMama app, and take a side-on photo every day – the app has a simple grid to help you line up your bump. It turns these snaps into a fun movie of your bump growing, which you can customise with a soundtrack and titles. It’s fascinating to see how the shape of your belly changes, especially in the third trimester.

Write a letter to your baby

Perhaps it’s all those happy hormones, but you do tend to daydream a lot when you’re pregnant. Whether you’re zoning out in a meeting or missing the critical last five minutes of Game of Thrones, you’ll find yourself drifting off to speculate about who your baby will be and what her life will be like.

So, why not let her know how much she means to you already? Write a letter to her, telling her all about how she makes you smile when she wriggles at one o’clock in the morning, and the way she kicks back when you push down on your bump. Explain what your dreams are for her, and make some promises. Then place the letter in an envelope and tuck it away safely for the moment way in the future when she will tell you she’s pregnant!

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