Forget a birth plan, here’s how to really reclaim your birth experience

by Joanna Dunbar |

We know that our birth plans, no matter how well-researched or detailed, can often have little or no impact by the time we reach a birthing pool or delivery suite.

It’s natural to feel anxious about what lies ahead. Being in unfamiliar surroundings in hospital can feel unsettling even before you are in active labour and nobody is ever certain about how things will play out as your baby makes their way into the world.

Ensuring your baby arrives safely and you remain healthy is obviously the top priority. But in circumstances which can be overwhelming, fast-moving or a bit frightening, having a few personal touches can make all the difference…

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1) Home comforts

A hospital is not home so, why not pack a pillow case from your bedroom for a familiar feeling. Take your slippers too, plus a dressing gown, so you can experience a few home comforts, even if you feel out of place.

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