Adorable ways to tell family you’re pregnant

baby annoucement

by Emily Thorpe |

We all love a good pregnancy announcement, but when it comes to your own what do you do?

If you're ready to make that big announcement yet you have no idea how to share the delightful news to your family and friends, then you might be in need of a little inspiration. While there are hundreds of places you can look for ideas, we searched for the best pregnancy announcements on Pinterest that will make for a great memory to add to the family photo album.

From promoting your children or pets to 'big bros/sisters', to puzzles for the future grandparents, we've narrowed down lots of creative ways to tell family you're pregnant both online and in person.

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1) The due date

Keep your announcement simple with this gorgeous little photo. All you need is a calender, circle the due date, a scan photo and maybe a flower or two! You could even include a cuddle toy to give your little one when they arrive.

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How to tell family you're pregnant in person

Scratch Card annoucement

6 Pack Baby Pregnancy Announcement Scratch Cards Lottery

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Who doesn't love to take their chance with a scratch card? This realistic set of six is very different though and will instead reveal your exciting news.

 Photo Announcement Card

baby announcement

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If you're after a nice simple way to tell your news, this sweet card has a small envelope on the front which will house your baby's scan.

Hidden announcement mug

'I'm Pregnant!' Hand Thrown Porcelain Mug

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Somethings brewing... Surprise your family and friends when they're visiting with this mug which announces your pregnancy at the bottom. What better way to find out the amazing news than over a cup of tea?

Nanny coaster review

Nanny coaster

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Sticking with the drinks theme, this coaster is a lovely present to gift a lucky Nanny-to-be which will make her smile every time she puts down her beverage.

Puzzle baby annoucement

Little Ray of Sunshine | 30 Piece Wood Puzzle

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If your relative loves a good puzzle, what about telling them your news with this colourful lightweight wooden puzzle. It comes packaged in a small canvas bag, to keep your puzzle safe and tidy, ready for gifting.

Chocolate annoucement

chocolate annoucement

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Sweet in more ways than one, don't be surprised if the receiver of this delicious box of chocolates struggles to ruin the message by eating one!

Wooden box announcement

Wooden box announcement

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What looks like a simple wooden box opens to reveal your baby's scan photo along with their due date.

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