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10 things for your partner to pack in their hospital bag

So the hospital postcode’s already coded into the Tom-Tom and he was the antenatal class swot. But there are still plenty of ways you can get your partner geared up for when you go into labour. And that includes packing his own hospital bag.

Think about it – do you really want his book creasing your birth plan? And do you really want him wrestling snacks from you when you’ve just given birth to his baby? Thought not. Welcome to his hospital bag checklist.

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1) Nikon COOLPIX W100 Digital Camera, £149, John Lewis

She may bat you away if you zoom in on her mid-contraction face, but get ready to capture some amazing shots of your partner and newborn. This offers HD video and clear pics in any light. Just don’t forget the charger
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2) Uno, £8.99, WHSmith

If you’re both playing the waiting game while she’s being induced, a card game is the perfect no-fuss, doesn’t-take-up-space, doesn’t-require-any-movement solution. We love a bit of classic Uno.
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3) Portable phone charger, £21.99, Amazon

You generally can’t use your mobile phone in hospital, but if you need to dash out to call friends and family, you’re going to need to keep your phone juiced up. Try this portable charger.
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4) Lunch box, £10, John Lewis

Whether it’s sandwiches, fruit or chocolate, let her focus on her snacks while you sort yours. You’ll need them if you have hours to go – and it saves you working out what’s an acceptable time to run to the hospital canteen. Warning: If she wants your snack – surrender it!
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5) Massage roller, £6.49, Amazon

A back massage can be a great way to support your partner in labour. This massager is easy to hold and works on bare skin or through clothing.
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6) Vintage toiletry bag, £29.50, Not On The Highstreet 

For your toothpaste, toothbrush, razor and whatever else will help you feel refreshed for that first meeting with your gorgeous newborn.
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7) Nike swim shorts, £25, ASOS

As well as a change of clothes and underwear, bring trunks if your partner plans to use a birthing pool – she may want you in there with her for support and you don’t want to give the midwives a shock.
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8) Tommy Hilfiger coin wallet, £31, Amazon

All that loose change lying around? Keep it together in this. Chances are you’ll need it for hospital parking and the payphone.
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9) J Pillow, £19.99, Amazon

Ideal if you get the chance to catch up on sleep or have a rest in hospital at any stage. This has a chin rest to help you avoid a stiff neck or nodding forward and jolting awake.

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