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Shop Mrs Hinch's hospital bag

Mrs Hinch's hospital bag

Since we found out the lovely Mrs Hinch was expecting a second baby, we've loved following her pregnancy journey. It won't be long now until the Hinch's welcome their newest addition, so Sophie has shared what's in her hospital bag ahead of the birth.

If you want to shop Mrs Hinch's hospital bag essentials, we've rounded up everything she included for you to shop now. 

Mrs Hinch's hospital bag for her new baby

We love this overnight bag Mrs Hinch has chosen to keep her new baby's things in for the hospital. It comes with a little pouch for any smaller items you might need and you can also fold the bag inside the small pouch. Best of all, it's all wipe clean and water resistant!

We love the fact that Mrs Hinch is choosing to use the same blue beanie she used for Ronnie with her new baby. Although we can't find the exact one, we love this gorgeous dusty blue coloured hat that's ideal for keeping little heads warm.

Sophie uses these to separate and organise her baby's essentials in the big bag, from the baby sleep suits and vests, to the outfit baby will be leaving the hospital in. We love that these are transparent at the bottom so it's clear to see what's in each bag. 

You never know how chilly it's going to be or what time you'll be leaving the hospital so it's a good idea to take a nice cardigan for your baby to help them stay warm. We love this cream one from Zara baby as it will go with just about any outfit. 

Dymo label maker

£13.24 - RRP: £14.49

You'll be thankful in the hospital if you've taken the time to label all your different bags and baby's belongings. Mrs Hinch loves this Dymo label maker, and we can see why. 

This solid wooden hairbrush with bamboo bristles comes in a lovely little linen bag and is perfect for baby's soft little hairs.

These foldable changing mats are great for taking in the hospital with you and they'll also come in handy well into baby's first year too, especially if you like to travel a lot. 

Hospital bag essentials for Mrs Hinch

Midwife developed and mum approved, this multi-award winning Spritz for Bits contains natural essential oils which can soothe discomfort after childbirth. Includes lavender to soothe, tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties, witch hazel to promote healing. Feels pleasantly cool and soothes soreness. No mess dispenser even sprays upside down. This brilliant spray won a Gold Award in the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards

A pair of flip flops are perfect for your post birth shower, especially if you don't want your feet to touch the floor of the shower. These could even double up as your hospital slippers if you're on the hot side. 

Shower Cap

£5.99 - RRP: £6.79

Don't want to have to wash your hair? This shower cap will keep your locks dry and we love the fun leaf design too. 

We noticed Mrs Hinch pop a miniture version of this soap into her wash bag. This is suitable for both face and body and is ideal for hydrating the skin. 

There's no way Mrs Hinch could pack her overnight bag for hospital without including one of her own products from her new F&F line. This sleep t-shirt is bound to be super comfortable during your stay. 

Mrs Hinch has bought this waffle dressing gown for her hospital stay, sharing that if they get ruined, it really doesn't matter. 

She pairs her waffle dressing gown with a pair of waffle slippers which are super easy to slip on and off in hospital. 

Eye masks are an essential for getting some shut eye in hospital, especially if you're someone who can only sleep in the pitch black. We love this adorable eye mask which is just like the one Mrs Hinch has packed in her bag. 

A bamboo toothbrush is ideal for taking away on breaks, so this four pack is a handy pack to have for any overnight stays, including those in hospital!

Another bamboo product to pack is a little compact mirror for checking how you look before that first photo you have with your baby that you will treasure forever. 

If you suffer from dry lips, you'll need a good lipbalm to keep your lips nice and moisturised while you're in hospital. We spotted Mrs Hinch packed this overnight balm from Burt's Bees! 

A good stock of dry shampoo is a must as a new mum, and we think it's a great thing to pop in your hospital bag when your roots need a bit of a freshen up and a boost. 

Hydrate and soothe your nipples after those first breast feeds in hospital. Find out more about the My Little Coco range here. 

This serum (which we believe we saw in Mrs Hinch's hospital bag) is 100% natural plant-based Retinol alternative without the side effects of sensitivity or redness!

We think we spotted a black headband in the bag, which are ideal for keeping your hair off your face. 

Need a safe place to keep your jewellery while you're in hospital? We love this one as there's a place for all your rings, necklaces, earrings and more. 

Ideal for taking your favourite shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, shower gel and anything else you need in small containers that you can label. 

This natural bristled brush is ideal for taking with you. It has been perfectly designed for conditioning hair while brushing. 

We also spotted a silk scrunchie in Mrs Hinch's hospital bag. A bobble is a must, especially if you have long locks that you just want out of your face while you're giving birth. A soft silk one not only looks glam but it's super kind and soft on the hair. 

As well as all of these items, Mrs Hinch also packed the usual essentials needed for any hospital bag. We've listed our top picks below we think you should have in your hospital bag. 

  • NappiesASDA Little Angels Newborn Size 1 Nappies are not only suitable for your baby from birth, they also won silver in the Mother&Baby Awards in the Best Performance Disposable Nappy or Nappy Range category. 
  • Muslin cloths - A baby muslin is a small square cloth usually made from cotton and you can use them in so many different ways. We've rounded up our favourite muslin cloths here
  • Sleepsuits - An essential for any newborn. We've rounded up some of the best sleepsuits to buy here. 
  • Vests - Another newborn essential that are perfect for babies born in the warmer months in particular. 
  • Dummies - A dummy will help comfort your baby from birth. We've rounded up some of the best dummies for breastfed babies here. 
  • Cotton balls - great for giving your baby a little wash in hospital. 
  • Blankets - From the moment your baby is born and throughout their childhood, blankets are essential. We've rounded up our favourite baby blankets for every budget here. 
  • Wetwipes - Perfect for both baby and mum, wetwipes are handy to have and we particularly love WaterWipes. 
  • Pants - Be sure to pack plenty of pants that are big enough to wear maternity pads with after giving birth. 
  • Face cloth - You might want to take your own flannel or face cloth to give your face a wash. 
  • Fluffy socks - If your feet tend to get cold, it's a good idea to pack a pair of fluffy socks in your bag. 
  • Towels - You might want to take your own towels to the hospital. 

Need more hospital bag ideas? We've listed all the hospital bag essentials to pack for labour. 

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