The 6 most common birth fears (and how to beat them)

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When you consider the logistics of birth (how a fully-formed baby get out of so small a space?), it’s no wonder it makes pregnant women everywhere squirm.

But labour doesn’t have to be something to be afraid of. Honestly.

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1) "I’m scared I’ll tear"

Nine out of 10 women tear to some degree during delivery, although with everything else that’s going on, there’s a good chance you won’t realise it at the time.

Most are minor and heal on their own within around a week, while more severe tears will be stitched up straight after birth and you’ll be offered painkillers.

"Help prevent tearing by massaging your perineum [the skin between the vagina and anus] in the weeks before birth," says independent midwife Virginia Howes.

"Birth positions that put less pressure on this area, such as on your hands and knees, may also help."

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