This Australian mum gave birth to a FOURTEEN-pound baby!

by Jane McGuire |

A woman in Australia has given birth to a fourteen-pound baby, twice the weight of an average newborn. Baby Moama Ala weighed 13lb 14oz at birth, and measured 60cm from top to toes.

Moama was born by caesarean section a week before mum Teuaililo Ala’s due date due to his size. Teuaililo, who is orginially from Samoa, now lives in Australia and told Melbourne’s Daily Telegraph: ‘They did scans and said he was a big baby, so they booked me in for a caesarean, but at the time they thought he was about 4kg.

‘When he came out I was very surprised.’

Apparantly when hearing the news, Moama’s family had to rush out to buy him new baby clothes, as the newborn onesies were not big enough – in fact, he is already wearing clothes meant for six-month old babies.

Speaking to 9 News about her new arrival, Teuaililo added ‘The main thing is not his size, but he was coming out healthy and happy.’

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