26 ways to reduce labour pain (that really work!)

by Milli Hill |

Labour and the pain that we know comes with it, is one of the things expectant mother's fear most about pregnancy. Forget about morning sickness, swelling and tender breasts - surely, nothing can compare to birth?

Of course, the process is probably never going to be pain-free but all that effort is worth it for the first time you meet your precious new arrival. Whatever you write on your birth plan and however you decide to give birth, whether it is with as much pain relief as possible or not, remember don't allow yourself to be mum-shamed. Everyone is different and no way of giving birth is the wrong way.

And luckily, there are certain things you can do to help minimise labour pain and hopefully make the process a little bit easier.

Positive birth expert, Milli Hill, says there are so many ways to ease your way through those contractions.

So, ladies, pay attention to these 26 tips designed to help you reduce labour pain.

26 ways to help minimise labour pain:

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1) Try different positions

Find the positions that feel right for you, and work them girlfriend! Often women find they develop a ritual of movement to deal with each contraction, moving into a certain position each time they feel one approaching, and then resting when it subsides.

What pain relief is available during labour?

Whether you visualise having a drug-free water birth or are ready to sign up for every drug you can get your hands on, knowing all about what pain-relief options are available will help you make the right choice in labour. Check out our labour pain relief guide to find out more about what's available, including gas and air and Pethidine.

6 things that can actually make labour pain worse

Here are all the surprising things that can make labour more painful, so it's best to adhere to the following at all costs. Bendy straws at the ready...

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