14 mums share their ‘weird’ pregnancy cravings to prove anything goes

by Aimee Jakes |

Thought you'd never be the type to scoff on green paper towels? Would sooner vom than eat a super noodle sandwich?

Yep, us too, though eating etiquette seems to go out of the window for lots of expectant mothers as soon as the pregnancy cravings kick in.

‘80 percent of pregnant women report having cravings of some kind,’ explains Professor of Nutrition, Susan Roberts, ‘so it’s completely normal!’

Sometimes your cravings can be an indicator that your body is lacking in vital nutrients, e.g. a hankering for steak may mean you're iron levels are low.

For others, it's the 'crunch' or unique texture that has them fantasising about eating sand.

Sometimes it's completely and utterly nonsensical!

We asked our lovely #mumtribers what 'weird' things they've craved during their pregnancies... their answers do not disappoint...

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1) Green paper towels

"I’m embarrassed to even admit this, but green paper towels (like the ones from primary school!)
We got them in work once instead of our usual ones and I never actually ate one but I just smelt them and so badly wanted a bite. The girls in work had to stop me!" - Chlöe Spratt

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