What do contractions \*really\* feel like?

by Joshua Calton-Weekes |

If you're pregnant (or simply just curious) you may be wondering what contractions feel like.

Forget biceps, triceps and quads, the strongest muscle in the human body is a women-only affair. It’s the muscle inside your womb. And boy, it needs to be strong. When the time comes to give birth, your uterine muscle is responsible for moving your baby out of your womb and into the birth canal. How does it do it? By contracting…

What do contractions feel like? (According to mums)

8 mums describe the feeling of contractions and what it felt like for them...

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1) "An extreme cramping feeling" 
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1) "An extreme cramping feeling" 

"Each contraction starts as a faint period type pain gradually gets more intense until it reaches a peak, then settles back down again, lasting around 1 minute total. The peak is an extreme cramping feeling. Towards the latter stages of labour that very intense peak kicks your body into pushing with each one." -Lauren Hughes

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