You can now reveal the gender of your unborn child via a lasagne

by Joshua Calton-Weekes |

Move over sponge cake, lasagne is the latest way to reveal the sex of your baby to family and friends. Yep, taking the prize for the most eye-rolling news of 2019 thus far is the announcement that gender-reveal lasagnes now exist.

For those not familiar with this bizarre trend, gender-reveal cakes, most often served at baby showers, allow the expectant couple to divulge the sex of their unborn child by cutting open the cake to expose either blue or pink sponge. In the age of Instagram content, where Beyonce-esque announcement shoots and documenting every step of your pregnancy online is commonplace, this US trend has slowly made its way across the pond.

However, the gender-reveal lasagne is one step further. Created by American food chain Villa Italian Kitchen, the lasagne can be made with the filling dyed either blue or pink. Served as part of the ‘gender reveal lasagne package,’ for $140 (£107) you get blue or pink dyed lasagne, garlic rolls, and salad for 12 people.

Putting aside the totally ridiculous concept itself, it can’t be overlooked that the coloured lasagne looks completely unappetising. In fact, it would be fair to say they have well and truly ruined the appeal of the classic Italian dish.

Naturally, social media has gone wild for the story with naysayers taking to Twitter to share their outrage.

“I love a lasagne... But that looks gross!” wrote one Twitter user.

“I don’t even get gender reveal parties anyway like who cares? Honestly? Who actually cares? You’re having a human, not a doll, it can be whatever it wants to be!”

PR stunt or not, at least the lasagne gave us all a light-hearted break from the increasingly depressing news cycle.

Photo credit: Villa Italian Kitchen

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