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11 Ways To Make Your Maternity Leave Even Better

It’s exciting enough that you’ll soon meet your baby after what feels like the longest nine months ever. But even better is that you’ll get to enjoy spending time with your little one without having to worry about meetings, morning commutes and deadlines. Woop! Try these tips to make this special time with your baby even better (and yes, easier too)...

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Love Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, forums… There are many ways to connect online with friends, family and of course, other mums, and if you can’t watch an adorable baby video on YouTube three times in a row when you’re on mat leave, when can you?
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And breathe...

If you're pregnant, the time to indulge yourself is, er, right now - so enjoy the days when you can still have an uninterrupted bath. We like this relaxing bath oil which helps to replenish and balance. (If you can fit a long one in after your have your baby, we salute you). Neal’s Yard Rose & Pomegranate Bath Oil, £14.75
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Meet Your New PA

When you're living in a baby bubble (and who isn't when you're about to be a mum?), it's fine to let other things slide for a while. But if you're a tech fan, an online diary reminder can help keep you on top of birthdays and important dates - try, which even suggests gift ideas for people. Add yourself to the list, we say (push present, anyone?)
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Meet for coffee (and loads of cake)

It's not always easy to make new friends - and yep, you may not feel like it after three hours sleep! - but making the effort to meet other new mums at playgroups or classes could provide you with an amazing source of support for the rest of the year and beyond. Especially when your friends without kids are bored of hearing about the contents of your baby's nappy.
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Record Your Baby’s Milestones

Your little one will change so much in the months after his birth, so make the most of all those gorgeous pictures you're taking and fill in a baby record book when you can with details of your baby’s milestones. Ktwo Baby B Boy Journal, Multi, £19.99, John Lewis
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Sleep when your baby sleeps...

Ok, we know that mat leave isn’t about lie-ins, but there is something so satisfying when you’ve been up at 2, 4 and 6am to then head back to bed for a nap at the same time as your baby. The washing can wait!
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Find The Change Bag That Ticks The Fashion Box

Who knew how much ‘stuff’ you would have once you became a mum? Choose a stylish change bag that has the look of a regular bag and the space and compartments of a change bag and you're all set.Black Seraphine Tote Baby Changing Bag, £75,
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Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Whether it’s treating yourself to some of your favourite chocolate, buying a new face scrub or trying a rich new moisturiser... Soak Yourself Rosehip and Hibiscus Exfoliating Soap, £10,
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Embrace Your Inner Gadget Nerd

Becoming a mum will open your eyes to the enormous world of baby products that are out there – some more useful than others. But some gadgets can make life with your baby easier – the weaning gadget that steams, chops and blends, the useful app that keeps your toddler happy – can all help make your time on maternity leave easier. Beaba Babycook Solo 4-in-1 Babyfood Maker, £109.95, John Lewis
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Help? Yes please!

It could be your mum, sister or friend, but accept any offers of help with open arms. You don't need to be superwoman right now, and if they're up for making dinner or changing a couple of nappies, sounds good to us...

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