7 ways to boost your career during maternity leave

by Maria Martin |

When you're on maternity leave it sometimes seems like there aren't enough hours in the day. You've already changed five nappies before midday, swapped dirty outfits more than once (yours and the baby's), dealt with extreme crying - all while you're still recovering from the constant night feeds.

New mum = supermum. After the early days are over, once you find your rythm and some sort of routine, you may even have some spare time. If you're keen to stay in contact with work and boost your career during maternity leave, this is your chance. You can still be a brilliant mum and great at your job!

Whether you’re beginning to think about improving your work-life balance, keen to change your job or getting ready to make your #mumback, the experts from Mother & Baby's Working Mum Club have some fresh ideas...

7 ways to boost your career during maternity leave:

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1) Find a new voice

Treat your maternity leave as an opportunity to prove how central you are to the business’s success, and use it as an opportunity to drop in any insights you’ve had while being away.

‘Before you come back, ask to have coffee with someone from senior management. It shows you’re keen to throw yourself back in,’ suggests Jessica Chivers, founder of employment coaching company The Talent Keeper Specialists, and author of Mothers Work! How To Get A Grip On Guilt And Make A Smooth Return To Work.

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