7 clever ways to survive on less money during maternity leave

ways to survive on maternity pay

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Your new baby is the love of your life. But alas, your (rapidly emptying) bank account isn’t. So we’ve enlisted expert advice to help you cope with your dwindling income.

Of course, if you qualify for some financial support like Statutory Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance it’s a Godsend. But, unfortunately, your income will be substantially less despite the fact you have an extra mouth to feed and the same bills to pay. This means your lifestyle can become as tight and uncomfortable as a pair of size-too-small Spanx.

But there are some easy ways you can save yourself loads of money to make life easier with a reduced income. Dan Plant from MoneySuperMarket gives us some tips and tricks to help you budget better, shop smarter and save money.

7 clever ways to survive on maternity pay:

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1) Credit cards

‘Shop around for a cheaper balance transfer card,’ says Dan Plant. ‘You can save quite a bit on interest which means you’ll make a lower minimum payment each month.’

But if you’re able to pay your credit card bills back in full each month and have no debt, get a card that gives you a reward, like cash back. ‘There are certain cards that pay you money for spending,’ Dan tells us. ‘So say you spend £100, you might get a reward of 1.25 per cent in cash back.’

The catch? ‘If you want to make a profit,’ says Dan, ‘you must pay the full amount each month.’ Damn.

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