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Mums! How To Make Money From Home

You don’t have to be sitting in an office to generate income after your baby’s born. Start racking up £s with these money making ideas

If you’re looking to boost your family’s income but are worried about the practicalities, don’t be.

There are plenty of ways to boost your bank balance now your baby’s here – some of which you can do in front of Eastenders.

Sold? Read on.

1. Have your say

Yes, being too opinionated can definitely work in your favour financially.

Market research companies including Ipsos, OnePoll and Swagbucks actually pay you (in money or vouchers) to let them know what you think about everything from your relationship to celebs.

It’s all done online, so you don’t have to leave the sofa. Payments aren’t huge but you can accrue rewards over time.

2. Be a brand ambassador

If you love getting people together, turn that into a money making opp by hosting sales parties. Avon and Jamie Oliver’s Jamie at home kitchenware franchise have schemes where they train up and support consultants to sell their products, offering commission.

Also check out Phoenix Trading, where you can sell a range of cards and stationary, and Usbourne Books, which specialises in children’s stories.

3. Have a clear out

Instead of letting those CDs, toys and surplus pregnancy clothes take up space you don’t have (that wardrobe will burst any day now…), turn to the web to sell them on eBay or a site like Music Magpie.

4. Get creative

A possible option if your creative skills go beyond the odd pasta necklace. Market places like Not On The High Street and Etsy sell an incredible range of high quality products from personalised prints to jewellery, giving smaller sellers the perfect shop window.

With NOTHS, you go through an application process and, if you’re accepted, it’s a one-off sign up fee. Meanwhile Etsy lets you sign up for free and asks for a transaction fee when you sell.

5. Use your home

That driveway you’re not using could sit there redundantly – or it could make you some additional dollar. helps you rent out the spot to another driver. You set the fee, but the website highlights that location is everything, suggesting £100-£250 a month for one near a train station and £2 an hour if you’re close to a high street.

How do you make extra money at home? Let us know on the comments board below.

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