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New Mums Want To Stay At Home Longer

New Mums Want To Stay At Home Longer

New parents love the idea of taking a full maternity leave or shared parental leave. But a survey shows that many just can’t afford to make the most of it.

Even if you’re excited about returning to the commute and finishing a whole cup of coffee before it goes cold, the decision to go back to work after maternity leave is a weighted one – both emotionally and financially.

And nearly half of women return earlier than they’d like, according to a report by the charity NCT.

The report reveals 43 per cent of mums go through this and, of these, 47 per cent say it’s because they worry about job security.

And it’s not just mums caught up in the dilemma. The option of sharing parental leave didn’t always appeal. 

Splitting the time at home has become possible with the introduction of Shared Parental Leave


Still, a third of the mums said they wouldn’t consider it – mainly because they need the income from their other half’s pay.

‘This report suggests that if the government wants parents to make use of shared parental leave they will need to increase dads’ paternity pay,’ says NCT CEO Belinda Phipps.

‘It is high time we saw maternity and paternity pay raised – at least in line with the minimum wage – so that parents have greater choice about when to go back to work.’

What influenced your decision to go back to work? Let us know on the comments board below.

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