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Six Top Tips For Business Ideas On Maternity Leave

Six Top Tips For Business Ideas On Maternity Leave

You might be a knackered new mum, but it doesn’t mean your brain has stopped. There are some genius ways to come up with a new business idea

When your baby is first born he’ll do a lot of sleeping and feeding. Lucky him! So if you’ve always fancied the idea of being an entrepreneur, switch off Loose Women and use your down time to start coming up with some ideas.

And it’s a great way to make that 3.00am feed a bit more fun. It’s just a case of turning that early hours creativity spurt into something productive.

List your priorities

For example is it earning money? Finding work that lets you stay home with your children? Or both?

Write down your skills

And ask others what they think you're good at.

Can you improve something on the market?

Think of the things you use everyday with your baby. ‘Say, for instance, you’ve been struggling with your baby carrier but you’ve thought of a way to make one that’s much more user-friendly,’ says award winning entrepreneur, author and journalist, Antonia Chitty.

Decide on business idea

Here’s a few to get you thinking:

Start a service: A service business can use your existing skills and is a great if you want to start earning fast.  ‘For instance, if you have PA skills you could be a virtual assistant,’ says Antonia.

Turn a hobby into a business: If you’re crafty and creative you might like to start selling the things you make. Carefully cost up the materials you use AND factor in the time it takes you to make each item before you set a price.

Make money online: There are hundreds of ways to make money online, but it helps to have some guidance to find genuine opportunities. ‘Drop shipping allows you to set up an online store without having to hold stock – basically you transfer your customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer,’ says Antonia.

Start up an online information site: Pick a topic that you’re an expert in. Plan how you will make money from your site: advertising and sponsorship or membership subscriptions are the common methods.

Identify your USP

It’s harder than ever before to find a gap in the market, so think about how you can make your business unique. ‘It could be that you’re the first person in your local area to offer something, or you might want to make and sell baby bibs but have found an amazing vintage fabric supplier that nobody else has tapped into,’ says Antonia.


If you want further inspiration, it’s great to meet with other women who are already entrepreneurs or thinking about becoming one. Check out our Working Mums Panel.


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