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Women Worry That Maternity Leave Jeopardises Their Career

Thrilled you’re pregnant but terrified of telling your boss? You’re not the only one

Maternity leave should be a chance to bond with your new baby, but instead a lot of women spend it worrying about how their careers are suffering in their absence, reveals poll.

The revelation from recruitment company found seven in 10 women worry that their job is more vulnerable when they take time off to have a baby.

Two thirds of the 1,300 women polled revealed they earned less once they returned back to work and only 5% experienced a pay rise on their return.

Seven in 10 women worry that their job is more vulnerable when they take time off to have a baby

Shockingly, the study showed that half of women would hide their pregnancy from their boss in order to land a promotion, which three quarters thought would be affected by maternity leave.

Paul Jenkins, chief executive of, says, ‘Women face countless unspoken taboos when it comes to having children and maintaining a career. We wanted to drill down into what women really experience, practically and financially, in the workplace when a baby appears on the scene,’ he says.

Women are entitled to 26 weeks of standard maternity leave before returning to their jobs, but half of the polled women revealed that they went back to work earlier than planned because of money worries and four out of five said they got into debt during the work break.

Before you start stressing, it isn’t all bad. Becoming a mum will make you ten times tougher and more patient than anyone else in your office (if you can deal with your newborn’s constant screaming then your demanding boss is practically delightful). And there are lots of ways that you can make your post-baby return to work smooth and successful. 

Have you ever worried that maternity leave affected your career? Let us know below.


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