8 months pregnant: signs, body changes, symptoms and development

by Maria Martin |

Month eight of your pregnancy...in which you might get a bit of a crush on your midwife and your boobs feel wet.

There you are sitting comfortably chatting to a friend about how you’ve still got weeks left before bubs arrives, when, woah! You’re suddenly having a contraction.

You spasm in your chair, your face goes a bit pale and your friend is having images of being your last-minute birth partner. But then, phew, you’re fine. It’s gone. It’s like it never happened.

Despite these little surprises, you’re an old hand at this pregnancy thing now. In fact, you feel like you’ve been pregnant forever and though it’s not quite that long, you are absolutely forgiven if you feel a little bit fed up. But your due date is in sight! We take a look at some of the common symptoms in the eighth month of pregnancy.

Common pregnancy symptoms at 8 months pregnant

  • Emotional wreck: How are you feeling deep down? A bit emotional? Yeah, that's normal for around now. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed as the weeks are passing by, you're getting advice on just about everything, and it's a bit much. There’s every chance you don’t really know how to feel at the moment. One minute you’re shattered, the next you’re determined to build all that flat pack stuff in the nursery, the next you’re on the floor having a good old sob. This is going to be an emotional time, don't forget everyone goes through this. As you well and truly wallow in the hammock of the third trimester you find yourself uttering a new phrase -

  • ‘I’m SO ready now’: You want to meet your baby and the waiting is getting tough. It’s hard to give two hoots about anything other than you and your bump and that’s totally understandable. You might be at the point where you’re harrumphing about still having to go to work and you’re constantly daydreaming about lying on the sofa and doing that malteser trick with your bump - and that’s all OK. You’re like a marathon runner who has hit a wall - so console yourself with the fact that you don’t have to run anywhere, at least. But, there’s plenty to keep you going.

  • Your midwife is your new best friend: You’ll be thrilled to be seeing a bit more of your midwife. Secretly, you look forward to her visits like she’s an old friend who’s going to tell you everything’s alright. You know when you really like a celebrity and think ‘oh I wish she was my friend’? Midwives are a bit like that, aren’t they? You start to wish the two of you were best pals and you fantasise about hanging out after baby’s birth and telling everyone the story of how you became mates. Chances are you’ll never see each other again, but for now, she’s got your back.

  • Clumsiness: You're bound to feel a bit clumsy around now, but don't worry! Pregnant women feel more clumsy due to several things:

  1. You're carrying A LOT more weight

  2. Your centre of gravity has changed

  3. It's easier to lose balance when your tummy strength has changed

  4. Your coordination has reduced

  5. Your joints are loosening

  • Breasts leak: Now is a good time to invest in some breast pads - your body is getting ready to feed your baby, whether you're planning to breastfeed or not!

  • Varicose veins: Ah yes, the appearance of varicose veins! You may get these around now. They are blue or red swollen veins that most often appear in your legs.

  • Hemorrhoids: The evil twin of vericose veins - hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lowest part of your rectum. They can be itchy, painful and could lead to bleeding.

  • Dizziness: Dizziness is also common to happen around now too. You could be feeling dizzy and light-headed from severe morning sickness, or it could be because of all the changes in your hormones. Try not to stand up so quickly, keep your blood sugar levels high and take your time when walking and standing up.

  • Braxton Hicks contractions: aka your body doing teeny (ha) practice runs for the big day. They’re tightenings of the uterus that last up to about 30 seconds and can scare the living you-know-what out of you when you first feel one. Don’t worry, they’re just your body’s way of letting you know what’s to come! How thoughtful.

  • Less movement: You’ll be really sensitive to every ache and pain now and you’ll also be pretty used to your baby’s movements. Last month you got fed up of being woken up by a kick in the ribs but this month she might worry you by going a bit quiet and slowing down her movements. She just can’t please you! Just remember she's almost full term now at 33 weeks to 37 weeks pregnant and she has less room in there now to flip about - plus, she’s your child, she’s supposed to give you endless worry.

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1) Your baby is now the size of a cantaloupe melon!

You're now 34 weeks into your pregnancy, and your baby is now the size of a cantaloupe melon. Your baby should weigh around 2.1kg.

Checking your birth plan

birth planner

By now you will know where you would like to give birth and you’re wondering a lot about whether it will happen the way you’ve planned.

If you’re going into hospital you’ve no doubt had a visit and seen your room of choice - you really want the one with the big bath and space to bounce around on a birth ball!

If you’re staying at home you might have had a birth pool practice run - whether you laughed hysterically as you tried to fathom how it goes up or your partner ended up going off in a huff, you’re just thankful you got through it without going into early labour!

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