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13 health and wellness buys to cheer yourself up

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Whether you're a new mum, a seasoned mumma or currently pregnant, you can sometimes feel like you need a little healthy pick me up to get you through the week. 

It's important to take care of yourself and indulge in some me-time, especially when you've got a little one around and let's face it - it's all about them! Mummies, we salute you and think you need a good dose of TLC this year.

Take your pick from the 13 newest, most exciting health and beauty treats in 2019!

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Organic Castor Oil for Hair, Eyelashes, Eyebrows, Skin and Hair Growth, £7.99

Castor oil is the new trend in 2019 - a completely natural oil that is quite frankly a miracle worker. Applying it to your eyelashes in particular will stimulate growth for long, luscious lashes and it's also super healthy for your hair and eyebrows. The oil can be used virtually anywhere, to smoothe skin, reduce blemishes and also strengthen your nails. There's nothing castor oil can't help with, and given how cheap it is to buy, we think it's more than worth it.
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Joe Wicks Food Prep gadgets - 2 in 1 Garlic Rocker Crusher and Grater, Currently priced at £5.99

The perfect purchase for any kitchen perfectionist - this sturdy tool makes crushed or grated garlic in seconds. If only eveything was this easy, eh!
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Turmeric Brainwave 7 Day Kit, £10

Suffering from 'baby brain'? Give yourself a boost with Pukka tea's new 7 day Brainwave kit. The kit includes organic, herbal tea bags (which are delicious) as well as 14 capsules of turmeric food supplements. And it all comes with a wellbeing guide with tips and recipes to leave you feeling super fit and healthy.
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NutriZing Manuka Honey, Pure Essential Honey, Currently priced at £26.37

Nicknamed 'nature's liquid gold', Manuka honey is an amazing superfood, buzzing with benefits. It can also be used as a face mask for beauty. We just think it tastes great too! Enjoy the smooth and creamy texture in different recipes.
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This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £24

Deep sleep, is there anything you deserve more? You're a hard-working mumma in need of a break, and this deep sleep pillow spray is a luxurious treat you will thank yourself for buying. Simply spritz it over your pillow before you go to bed and you'll enjoy a more peaceful night's sleep. 97% of those tested slept better than normal and we're not surprised, the smell really is heavenly. 
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Active Maternity tights, £25

These active tights by Mamalcious are super comfortable leggings for mums-to-be! Perfect for Pilatees, Yoga or any light excersise you engage in. The colour is a not garish like some other brands and the rib detail at the front, below the bump, makes you feel as supported as possible. We love these.
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Glossier Liquid Exfoliator, £19

Another new trend in 2019 - liquid exfoliator. Forget the gritty scrubs that can irritate your skin and get in your eyes, liquid exfoliators do the same job but in a smoother, more effective way. Plus they feel GREAT. If your skin needs a pick-me-up this 2019, we recommend the Glossier's liquid exfoliator. You can expect a reduction in the appearance of redness, blemishes, and pore size, and your skin’s texture will be smoother and softer - just like your baby's bum!
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Rawbites, £24 for pack of 12

Rawbites are new organic fruit and nut bars that come in tasty, bite-size chunks. They come in SO many flavours and are genuinely delicious - choose from apricot, cashew, spicy lime, protein, vanilla berries, cacao and many more... Developed by active lifestyle experts, these simple and honest bars are great for health and so tasty. The bars come in mini size too!
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Neals Yard Mother's Balm, £20

Mother's Balm from Neals Yard is an olf favourite in the mummy world, and if you haven't indulged in a pot yet, now is the time. The balm is deeply moisturising and leaves your skin at its softest after use. Not only does it feel and smell divine, our panel of mum testers at the Mother & Baby Awards reported that it kept stretch marks away during pregnancy. The balm does take a while to absorb, but once it seeps in, you are left with the benefits of soft and supple skin all day long. Indulge in the new year with this mummy-friendly balm.
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Moon lamp, £15.99

Yet another sleep-aid, this moon lamp is quite magical. If you're looking to sleep better in the new year, and you're sensitive to bright lights and blue light in your room, the moon lamp could be a great alternative. With adjustable colour and brightness, simply tap the top to change, the wireless lamp can turn a cool white (just like the moon), a warm white, or a warm yellow. It's such a soothing addition to your bedroom and is sure to improve your sleeping patterns. You can even buy one for your baby's room too.
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Sass & Belle good vibes water bottle, £6

AIm to up your water intake  with this cute and life-affirming waterbottle. The perfect size to fit into your changing bag, too! 
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The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother, by Heng Ou

Jam packed full of recipes and health advice for new mums, this amazing book is based on the lost art of caring for mum after birth. Author Heng Ou believes that while the first forty days after giving birth are primarily for bonding with your baby, they are also for healing your body - rather than being expected to 'bounce back' straight away. A fascinating read!
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The Healthy Mummy Smoothie, £36.95

This is a weight loss smoothie powder, created just for mums! It's breast-feeding friendly and made from all natural, raw ingredients to help you lose weight if you're looking to after pregnancy. It comes in three flavours, vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, all of which have great reviews from mums. Leading nutritionists have formulated the Healthy Mummy Smoothie so that it gives you all the important vitamins you need, high in protein and fibre, and free from additives, fillers, caffeine or weight loss accelerants. Super mummy friendly!

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