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Mums-to-be advised to grip comb during childbirth to help ease labour pains

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The comb has many uses for everyday life, a handy back scratcher when your hubby isn't around, a tool to clean your vacuum cleaner or even a nail holder for perfecting your at-home manicure. But now, the best hack of them all, a way of helping with the excruciating pain of childbirth

Mums are now saying that holding a hair comb during labour can be good for coping with birth pain. 

"Did you know a comb can be used during labour?! And no it's not for your hair." photography business Fox Valley Birth and Baby, revealed the hack in a Facebook post that received 20 thousand shares and 22 thousand comments. 

They said, "When gripped in your hands, a comb can help hit acupuncture points in your hands. 

Fox Valley Birth and Baby provide birth photography and videography, doula and lactation services, and childbirth education classes

They continued to explain that it also plays into the gate control pain theory: "this theory states that the brain can only focus on a select number of sensations.

Because the nerve endings are closer be your hands they reach your brain faster. Helping your body forget about the contractions." 

This coping method comes from some traditional cultures around the world. When a contraction comes on, squeezing the comb will press into the woman's palm, which can hit acupuncture points in the hand. She will then relax her grip between contractions and then repeat.

A number of people said they will now be packing a comb in their hospital bag

Someone even commented: "I do this when I get a tattoo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 totally works" 

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