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The best maternity underwear for pregnancy and beyond

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Best pregnancy underwear

When you're pregnant it can be difficult to find clothes that are comfortable and flattering - and it can be even harder to find comfortable underwear. 

It either becomes an expensive habit, having to buy a new pair of pants the bigger your bump gets, or else you can't find anything that you like and you end up stretching out your old briefs for nine months.

We've found the best maternity underwear that you'll love during your pregnancy - and which you can still be comfortable in, after your baby has arrived. 

You'll probably have heard of Medela for its award-winning breast pumps, but did you know they also made maternity bras? This seamless sleep bra will make sleeping easier (although it can't help with a waking baby, unfortunately). 

If you want to be comfy and practical but also a bit sexy, choose this lace bra from ASOS. It has drop-down magnetic clips and adjustable straps, easy for breastfeeding on-the-go but still feeling gorgeous at the same time. 

These super-soft briefs are a sleek choice, which sit comfortable over your bump. They also sit high on your back to keep you securely covered. 

Hot Milk is a real mums' favourite for pregnancy and maternity underwear, and it's no surprise - it's so comfortable, it feels like it's been moulded individually to your own body. It features magnetic clips to make breastfeeding easy, plus a convertible racer-back design. 

With stunning lace and a plunge-cut, who knew nursing bras could be so sexy? 

These simple briefs are an essential for your maternity wardrobe. The low rise design means it sits below you bump and will last throughout pregnancy and after! 

Made from soft cotton, this underwear is designed to fit snug under your bump during pregnancy and after. The lace detail makes a nice to change to the usual maternity underwear, whilst also being practical. 

As a new mum we know that any sleep, no matter how little, is important. This soft, non-wired nursing bras is perfect for during the night, with a wrap-over front and no fasteners. The seamless, soft material makes it extra comfortable, so you won't feel like you're wearing a nursing bra while you sleep.

These absorbent undies are perfect for handling pregnancy leaks and are designed especially for expectant mums. It helps protect you from the unexpected, helping to stay clean, dry, comfy and fresh. They sit just under the hips and the V-shaped dip means that you won't be having to buy new underwear as your bump gets bigger. A sustainable option instead of using pads and liners, they're eco-friendly. 

You can't go wrong with a mutli-pack of grey, black and white pants; we love H&M briefs for being affordable and super soft against your skin. These hipster-style briefs are cute enough to wear throughout your pregnancy and afterwards too. 

Made from soft bamboo viscose, these maternity briefs will have you living in absolute comfort. The material is super soft, helps regulate temperature faster than cotton and even offers antibacterial properties. These are a must for a comfortable mum and bump. 

Cute and practical - now that's something we like a LOT. Comfy maternity bras that are suitable for breastfeeding are often not that pretty to look at, but these cotton bras are very cute, while still supportinve and practical. 

This sleep bra is so comfy you'll want to wear it for your yoga classes too. We've chosen this based on its huge numbers of Amazon ratings - more than 5,000 customers have rated it an average of 4.4 stars out of 5. 


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