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The Best Slogan Maternity T-shirts and Tops

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Whether you want chic, quirky or cool, these slogan T-shirts and tops say exactly what you’re thinking during nine months of pregnancy...

Who needs sushi and brie anyway top, £20.00, 

Sushi and Brie slogan top You might have given up some of your favourite foods but don’t let that get you down. This playful Breton top can’t help but raise a smile and it’s made with 5% elastane so will grow with your bump over the nine months.  

Coming soon tee, £14.00,

Asos coming soon Pregnancy is a waiting game but this top’s slogan reminds you that very soon everything’s about to change. The relaxed shape, designed to fit your baby bump from three months onwards, plus the nude pink hue, means this cotton tee ticks all the boxes.   

Lucky top, £16.00,

Topshop Lucky Top This T-shirt is just what you need when pregnancy leaves you feeling exhausted, nauseous and hormonal. The quirky motif and bright yellow stars help you to remember that, however terrible you feel, you’re lucky to be growing a little person inside you.  

Love No 1 top, £29.00,

Love no 1 top Inspired by the design of Chanel No 5’s iconic perfume bottle and your impending arrival, aka the new No 1 person in your life, this lightweight, grey top will see you through your pregnancy and for a long time after.   

We’re hoping for a stegosaurus, £20.00,

Hoping for a stegosaurus

Sick of being asked what you’re having? This tongue-in-cheek dinosaur tee is a great talking point, plus the grey marl cotton makes it easy to throw on with maternity jeans or leggings. 

We’re hoping for a unicorn top, £20.00,

Hoping for a unicornAlternatively, you might want something a little more mythical. Style up your bump in this fuchsia-pink and blue unicorn slogan tee and get a few laughs at the same time.   

Knocked up top, £8.00,

Knocked up top Perfect for early pregnancy when people can’t tell if you’re expecting or have just over-indulged, this T-shirt – which comes in grey or black – lets them know you’re pregnant in no uncertain terms, thanks to this cheeky slogan scrawled across your chest. 

Preggers top, £14.00,

Preggers top With a simple monochrome design, soft cotton and no-nonsense slogan, it’s not really surprising that Beyoncé chose to wear this top recently when she was pregnant with her twins. 

Merci mon cheri top, £15.00,

Topshop merci mon cheriIt’s amazing how adding a few French words can transform a simple white cotton tee into something altogether more sophisticated. Case in point, this emblazoned design, which is bound to become one of your pregnancy staples. 

My bump rocks top, £19.99,

My bump rocksThe gothic font and black and pink palette make this edgy top the perfect look for the rock ‘n’ roll mum-to-be. It’s also made from 100% premium cotton and hand-printed using non-toxic inks so your bump will stay safe even if you decide to really mosh out.   

No one puts baby in the corner top, £25.00,

No one puts baby in the cornerThis 100% organic cotton top has taken its inspiration from all things Dirty Dancing. The funky print sits neatly on your growing bump thanks to ruching at both sides, while the high-quality cotton is extra soft so you’ll always feel comfortable, no matter how much they’re kicking inside you. 

Ice Ice top, £27.00,

Ice IceKnow an expectant mum who’s also a Vanilla Ice fan? Then this cotton jersey knit tee might make the perfect baby shower gift. Designed to hug the hips and accentuate the bump, they’ll also thank you for its flattering fit. 

I rock this bump top, £20.00,

I rock this bump teeJust because you’ve got a growing belly doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish for nine months. A cool, modern font and classic navy and white design make this cheeky tee a wardrobe staple that you’ll pull out again and again.  

Preggosaurus top, £14.00,

PreggosaurusOften being pregnant can leave you feeling gigantic as well as bad-tempered. This Preggosaurus slogan top with a cartoon dinosaur and “Rawr” speech bubble make fun of these pregnancy pitfalls, and create a cute tee at the same time.   

Napping for two pyjamas, £12.00,

Napping for two Making a little person is an exhausting business so you can expect to be spending a significant amount of time lounging around on the sofa or in bed. The silver-embossed slogan on this pyjama top (part of a two-piece set) says it all really. 


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