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The best Valentine's gifts for new mums

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The best Valentine's gifts for new mums

Has your wife/girlfriend/partner just given birth to your new baby? Has your best friend just become a mum? Have you just adopted a child and become a family? 

Whatever the situation, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to really spoil the Mum in your life - whether she's the mother of your child, or a mummy friend who really deserves a treat. 

It can be easy to forget the mum when there's an adorable baby to coo over, and that's totally understandable - but with Valentine's Day to focus on, this is one day that can be all about MUM and not BABY. And, you know she works harder than anyone you know since baby arrived - so make that Valentine's gift special. 

Here are our favourite Valentine's gifts for new mums to show them how important they are. 


Designed to help promote sleep, this set includes a face mask, shower gel, bubble bath, body butter and an eye mask. The products are infused with lavender and midnight flower fragrances to help promote a peaceful night’s sleep - if your newborn will let you. 

This is a beautiful rose quartz bracelet, which is a gorgeous present by itself, but it's actually intended as a help for breastfeeding - swap the bracelet from one wrist to the other to keep track of which side you've fed from. Comes in handy, as it's easy to forget. 

You can combine up to four different birthstones in this lovely necklace. January is garnet, February amethyst, March jasper, April diamond, May emerald, June turquoise, July ruby, August moonstone, September chrysolite, October opal, November topaz and December bloodstone. 

Any new mum will appreciate a bit of luxury pampering. This sweet-smelling set contains a Nourish, Breath & Calm Hand Balm, Real Luxury Travel Candle and a Real Luxury Bath & Shower Oil, using 100% natural fragrances. 

This treasured necklace combines your family’s names, made with up to three rings, available in sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold or 18c rose gold.

If in doubt, go with jewellery. This gorgeous rose gold tennis bracelet will look beautiful even when it's a PJ day and you're covered in baby dribble/sick/snot/something worse that that - i.e. most days. 

Ideal for new mums who are struggling to find time to relax and take time out, an aromatherapy diffuser will make the room smell divine and encourage a bit of relaxation. (Pure essential oils aren't recommended for babies so read the instructions, and if in doubt, use when baby has gone to bed in a different room). 

New parents spend a lot of time in PJs and dressing gowns (and rightly so), cuddling and soothing babies while half asleep and not really know what time it is or day of the week. Make sure Mum is comfy in a beautiful dressing gown, so she'll happily stay in this all day however many people turn up to meet the new baby. 

It wouldn't really be Valentine's Day without a box of chocolates, and new mums will gladly eat these for each three meals on Feb 14th. 

What would you like for Valentine's Day? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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